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  1. Q: Why did I get hacked? A: Your account can be hacked a number of ways. Visiting gold selling sites Visiting Hacking Forums/Websites Giving out account information to Guild Mates, Friends or Strangers Q: Help I have been hacked by some nefarious never-do-wells what can I do? A: If you feel that your account was hacked you must send a petition to priusanima1@gmail.com. Include: Account name Email Address A new Alternate Email Address Character Names Staff will contact you via email about the status of your account. Q: How do I report someone who is harassing me? To report someone you should provide 1) Screenshots (Just having these however will not be grounds enough to get the person banned) Or 2) A staff member must see the event take place Sending a ticket to: priusanima1@gmail.com with the above information is enough to warrant an investigation. Q: I think I saw a hacker, what should I do? A: Contact priusanima1@gmail.com with the person's name. (Remember that the players name must be exact, this includes numbers and capitalization.) Q: There is a person in game who has a racist, vulgar or sexually explicit name, what should I do? A: Take a screenshot and send it to priusanima1@gmail.com. We will either ban the person or change their name.
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  2. Class: Shaman Level: 75 How does it feel to be guildmate of the month? Asuna: I feel honored to be the guildmate of the month. hahaha How long have you been playing Prius Online? Asuna: I've been playing since (forgot the date haha) and it is still Prius Redux (Gpotato) How did you find out about Final Fantasy? Asuna: When this server was up, I was invited by my guildmate before in Exorcist guild. What's the best thing you like about FF? What's the least? Asuna: Hmmmm, because of pipi xD What's the best thing you like about Prius? What's the least? Asuna: I like the music background and the surroundings, it is relaxing. What do you like the most about your class? The least? Asuna: I like being a support/assist. Do you play any games aside from Prius Online? Asuna: Yes. c9, dot arena, poker, etc.. hahaha What advice can you give to new players and/or new guildmates? Asuna: Play the game whatever they like, just don't mess up the skill build hahaha. (ask some pro 1st) Any shout outs? Asuna: -------
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