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  1. Rate Change These changes are permanent: Increase Drop Rate x5 Increase EXP Rate x5 Increase Quest EXP Rate x2.5 Increase Arena EXP Rate x2
  2. Dear Priusians! We're looking for event ideas! What would you like to see done as an Event to make things more fun for you!? There are many options we can do.
  3. New Patch 3/19/2017 Resolved issue for players unable to login game Chrysalis prices have been changed in Neffy Shop Added new pero's to Neffy Shop Corrected skill chance casting Corrected max level bug Changed Font for in game UI Corrected text issues and bugs Set Siege time to 3/24 @ 21:00 -6 GMT If you have any problems with downloading patch: Download manual patch - Overwrite the files in your client folder. "C:\Program Files (x86)\Prius Online\*" If you need further assistance please join our live chat:
  4. Patch Notes · CHAT o No longer need Horns to use Global Yell function § USE: /global_yell · QUEST o Cepa – Cooking Rants § Cepa now gives next step to quest. · TEXT o StaticTextInfo.csv § Corrected Siege “Time Remaining” · Made to fit notification window · ITEM o Added price to Jack O Lantern head o New items Blood Gift Box for events o Added Grindstone of Soul for Snowstorm Owl, Lake Rhinoceros and Cornix to npc shop o Changed tame for Cornix, Snowstorm Owl and Lake Rhinoceros to drop Crystal of Beings instead of pero summon. § · SHOP o Shopinfo.csv § Comodity fix · Anima Sets o Forest Princess Set o Snow Owl Set o Artic Wolf Set · ZONES o Zone Difficulty added to certain zones. · SEIGE o Enabled Solutus Siege § Registration Set for Thursday § Preparation Set for Saturday o Corrected Siege Warfare Details Panel § Displays End Time correctly now · VEHICLE o Gold Leoberita § Corrected Stats o Added the following premium peros to shop. § Karabi § Bicolen § Moa § Marino § Draka § Albior § Pysce/Picis · NPC o Peakoko Added o Wandering Snowstorm Owl Added · Added Crystal of Being and Grindstone of Soul for following items o Snowstorm Owl o Lake Rhinoceros o Cornix · Changed tame for Cornix, Snowstorm Owl and Lake Rhinoceros to drop Crystal of Beings instead of pero summon. We are working on more to come..
  5. Q: Why did I get hacked? A: Your account can be hacked a number of ways. Visiting gold selling sites Visiting Hacking Forums/Websites Giving out account information to Guild Mates, Friends or Strangers Q: Help I have been hacked by some nefarious never-do-wells what can I do? A: If you feel that your account was hacked you must send a petition to Include: Account name Email Address A new Alternate Email Address Character Names Staff will contact you via email about the status of your account. Q: How do I report someone who is harassing me? To report someone you should provide 1) Screenshots (Just having these however will not be grounds enough to get the person banned) Or 2) A staff member must see the event take place Sending a ticket to: with the above information is enough to warrant an investigation. Q: I think I saw a hacker, what should I do? A: Contact with the person's name. (Remember that the players name must be exact, this includes numbers and capitalization.) Q: There is a person in game who has a racist, vulgar or sexually explicit name, what should I do? A: Take a screenshot and send it to We will either ban the person or change their name.
  6. §1.0 GENERAL BEHAVIOR a) Please do not, under any circumstance, insult a member of this community – or provoke them into insulting/attacking someone else. Prius Anima Online is not the place for personal insults or feuds, and you are expected to take that kind of behavior somewhere else. b) Do not insult or provoke members of the Staff team. There may be times where you do not agree with the actions of individual team members or Staff as a whole. We understand that. Still, publicly insulting or otherwise attacking members of the staff team is not the proper way to show your disapproval. Please, discuss the issue at hand with the responsible Staff in private instead. c) Do not harass another member of this community. Cyber bullying is a problem these days, and we strive to keep it away from the game. Please treat other community members with respect and leave them alone if they wish to be left alone. This includes repeatedly PKing the same person which disrupts their game play. We enjoy PK but excessive PKing on the same person will not be tolerated, this is a form of harassment. d) Do not say any racist or discriminating remarks. We here at Prius Online believe that each and every member of this community should be treated as an equal, no matter their nationality, gender, religious belief, sexual orientation or ethnicity and we expect the same behavior from you. e) Please do not, under any circumstance, threaten to bring physical harm to a member of this community - or anyone else. Also, avoid wishing for someone to come to physical harm. (e.g. “I hope you get cancer and die”). Threats of (physical) violence against someone are taken extremely seriously and will have serious consequences if you ever violate this rule. So, in your own interest, don’t even think about doing something like this. Please don’t say that we have not warned you. §1.1 TROLLING a) Do not disrupt events started by the Prius Staff. From time to time the Prius staff will start special in-game events, allowing community members to join and win some nice prizes for their efforts. Always follow the instructions stated by the responsible Prius staff member. Disobeying the rules will be considered as ‘event disruption’ and be treated accordingly. §2 CHEATS & HACKS a)Do not under any circumstances use 3rd Party Programs Cheating and exploiting is a serious offense and we have a zero tolerance policy towards it. So please for your own good, don't use any macros or cheats otherwise further actions will be taken. There is an automated ban in place by our server and it will detect and ban your account. b) Please do not publicly accuse another member of this community (or a clan) of hacking. Also, please use the proper avenue (a ticket) for reporting suspected cheaters in private. In recent times it has become more and more common that players accuse each other of cheating. Nor is this issue isolated to Prius Anima Online. However, if you truthfully suspect someone of cheating, please report them to the Staff team – but do not attempt to discuss the issue in public. c) Please do not impersonate Staff as this will lead to termination of your account. §3 ACCOUNT TRADE/-SHARING/-SCAMMING a) Each account created by you may only be used by you and you alone. It is in your very own interest to keep your login data to yourself. Do not share it with anyone else. We take account trade and account sharing very seriously. Any and all players found to be sharing/trading their account are subject to prompt punitive action by the administration. b) Please do not ask members of this community for the login data to their account(s). As indicated in §3a, account data is to be kept private. Any attempt to gain access to another person’s account will have severe consequences. There is no free Neffy to be gained by giving your password to another player. Anyone asking you for your login data to give you Neffy or items is trying to scam you. Staff will NEVER ask for your password! §4 PRIVACY a) Do not give out information (e.g. postal addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, IP addresses and the contents of a ticket or other private conversations…) of a private nature. We value the privacy of each member of this community. For that reason, and because privacy law requires it, it is absolutely forbidden to give out private information of any kind in-game. Rules and regulations are subject to change at any time. If you have any concerns or questions please contact us on our live chat server found here:
  7. We have Discord Live Chat and we are giving away FREE channels to Guild Leaders for their Guild. These channels are Private Guild Only channels. Guild leaders will be given permission to manage their channels for their guild members. If anyone is interested please come and see me here: and message SephX. I will be happy to set up your very own private channel! Thank you, ~PA
  8. The thing I love the most about Prius is the diversity among classes. There are 14 classes to choose from. While some classes are similar in terms of their role in a group, there are significant differences between them. Pinpointing these differences will hopefully allow a player to be able to pick the right type of for example tanking or healing for them. A Community Effort: Creating the ultimate Class Guide I would like for the community to discuss the differences between the classes within their own category, so we can make the list below as detailled and informative as possible. Once we've collected enough information for all classes, this guide we've all created together will hopefully help people who are in doubt (such as myself >.<) in picking a fun (second) class. Because the classes are so many, I feel one topic will probably not be enough. Therefore I have created a topic for each of the 6 categories. To contribute to the guide, click the name of the category the class(es) you'd like to discuss belong(s) to, to be redirected to the right topic. Important !!! While discussion is welcome and necessary in this topic, please keep it civil. If you are passionate about your class that's great and we'd love to know why, but try not to place your favourite class above any other in the category. We want to know the differences, not which one is superior. Thanks in advance! The 14 classes can be divided among the following categories: Click the relevant Class Category Discussion topic to the class(es) you'd like to discuss in the Class Index. Tanking Sentinel (Lon Mas) Gladiator (Ayin Male) Cursed Vanguard (Ayin Female) Healing Shaman (Lon Femina) Orchestrator (Beriah) Allround/Support Mastermind (Hume Male) Duelist (Hume Female) Ranged DPS Amazon (Lon Femina) Sharpshooter (Hume Female) Magic DPS Archimage (Hume Male) Siren (Beriah) Melee DPS Juggernaut (Lon Mas) Astral Knight (Ayin Male) Doom Knight (Ayin Female) Credits: Liviya
  9. I like these ideas. I wanted to let you know I read this and will be visiting back when I get to that point of development ;). Keep them coming! Thank you!
  10. Greetings, We are looking for experienced members to join the Prius team. Below is a detailed listing of what we're looking for currently. Testers (4/3) Who are we looking for? Experienced in testing servers. Priority to assist the staff to look out for potential bugs and glitch exploits. Good understanding of English. Experienced or non-experienced is welcome to apply. Good understanding of English. Able to work as a team. Game Masters (3/10) This position will be determined by Management/Community Manager/Community Organizer. Community Manager (1/1) - Filled What do we expect? Providing comprehensive support for an MMOG with an emphasis on community management. Development and implementation of communications strategies. Maintaining a proactive two-way dialog between the community, product management and the company. Creative writing and communications via all community channels: Forums, social media, chatrooms, in-game announcements and the news sections of the website. Recruiting and heading the game master team. Planning and execution of interactive forum and in-game events, competitions and surveys. Who are we looking for? Strong interest in and enthusiasm for online games. Very good French and English language skills. Team player who works and communicates well with others. Reliable and independent approach to work. Ability to work under pressure and organize well. High quality standards and community focus. Community Organizer (0/1) What do we expect? Providing comprehensive support for an MMOG with an emphasis with the Community Manager. Development and implementation of communications strategies with the Community Manager and other Organizers. Maintaining a proactive two-way dialog between the community, management and the company. Creative writing and communications via all community channels: Forums, social media, chatrooms, in-game announcements and the news sections of the website. Planning and execution of interactive forum and in-game events, competitions and surveys. Who are we looking for? Strong interest in and enthusiasm for online games Very good English language skills and good (Japanese or Korean or Chinese or Spanish) (We would like to have 1 of each) Team player who works and communicates well with others Reliable and independent approach to work High quality standards and customer focus Web Developer (0/1) Experienced in Object Oriented Coding, PHP, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, SQL, MySQL. Experience with frontend programming (HTML5, JS, CSS). Experience in at least one PHP framework (Laravel, Symfony, Zend, etc.) a Plus. Able to solve problems on own initiative by researching around an issue. Able to maintain well-structured, clearly-commented code. Passionate and eager to learn new techniques and technologies. Able to operate with given assignments, and execute them in due time. Experience and knowledge on Linux and distributed systems is nice to have. Proactive team player in favor of knowledge sharing. Analytical and conceptual thinking Excellent communication skills in English. Strong understanding of security best practices Responsibilities Reporting and troubleshooting bugs on our gaming portals and company websites. Assist with implementing new gaming portal features. Helping create web solutions for improving workflows and processes. Offering IT related support to the wider team. Graphics/Visual Effects Developer (0/1) Possesses own tools and ability to operate them. Able to accept feedback and vice versa. Contain a portfolio of previous work. Good communication skills and understanding of English. Able to operate with given assignments, and execute them in due time. Please fill this out if you are applying for Everything except Web Development: Name: Age: Where are you from? How long have you been playing Prius? Which version? Are you very knowledgeable about the game? How could you help progress Prius with content suggestions? Why you would be good for the position? Do you have any previous experience working with community members? Please send all applications to
  11. Here is a list of our current Peros in the Neffy Shop! Which one is your favorite? Comment below. Silva Pellis Leogiti Pink Celero 9 Tail Fox Dragni Draqy Ango Gutsy Cronix Scorpi Red Bloom Bird Blue Bloom Bird Gold Leoberita Blue Barnevelder Orange Barnevelder Balloon Popeti Yellow v2 Balloon Popeti Blue v2 Balloon Popeti White Balloon Popeti Black Balloon Popeti Red v2 Balloon Popeti Pink
  12. Merry Christmas Everyone! I have gifted each of your accounts 2020 Neffy Points! I hope everyone is having a happy holiday!
  13. I like to hear from you! Post something in the forums, let's talk! <3

  14. Nice guide Sharmista <3!
  15. Good evening friends of Prius. I am here to announce a new installation file that can be downloaded here: and also here: More mirrors are coming and I will place links in the comments and on the website download page. This is to resolve issues with install OR problems with your launcher freezing up. Please use this client and if there are any troubles feel free to contact me on here. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ プリウスのおはようの友人。 私はここでダウンロードできる新しいインストールファイルを発表するためにここにいます: またここに: より多くのミラーが来ており、私はコメントとウェブサイトのダウンロードページにリンクを張ります。 これは、ランチャーのフリーズアップによるインストールまたは問題に関する問題を解決するためです。 このクライアントを使用してください。何か問題がある場合は、ここで私に連絡してください。 ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ 普銳斯的晚上好朋友。 我在這裡宣布一個新的安裝文件,可以在這裡下載: 也在這裡: 更多的鏡子來了,我將在評論和網站下載頁面上放置鏈接。 這是為了解決安裝或問題與您的啟動器凍結的問題。 請使用這個客戶,如果有任何麻煩,請隨時與我聯繫在這裡。 ~ PA
  16. Dear my fellow Prius Citizens! Your awaited download of the Prius Online client is here! Server will open on August 28th 2015. Exact time to be determined! Thank you!
  17. NOTE: This discussion topic is part of building the "Picking the right class for you" guide. Before you start, please read the main (Pinned) topic. Welcome, mighty tanks and people who have experience playing with tanks! This is the place to discuss the difference between the three tanking classes: Cursed Vanguard, Sentinel and Gladiator. Reminder: While discussion is welcome and necessary in this topic, please keep it civil. If you are passionate about your class that's great and we'd love to know why, but try not to place your favourite class above any other in the category. We want to know the differences, not which one is superior. Questions to consider: What is the typical trademark/style of this class? Which are the 2 possible advancement paths (after level 50) for a class? Which stats would benefit a class the most depending on their advancement after level 50? Which do you consider to be the 3 most important skills this class can get?
  18. Celeros are convenient means for traveling but they only go a certain route. So a time comes when you'd like to have your own mount to help you explore more. Upon reaching lv20 go to Atrium. Press 'F11' to change to Anima mode and talk to Cepa. Quest: Taming Quest Level: 20 Quest Type: Anima Quest Target Region: Atrium Starting NPC: Cepa the Gardener Special Requirements: None Reward: 780 lif, 1900Exp, 4 Cepa Coins Cepa will tell Anima about Taming and suggest that Anima meet with Drill Master Amaryllis in Luna Deor. Switch back to Player Mode and go to Luna Deor. (Note: you will receive a recommendation letter from Cepa for storyline and quest purposes only, it is unusable and will be removed once you talk to Drill Master Amaryllis.) Talk to Drill Master Amaryllis to give her Cepa's letter and to complete Taming Quest. This will trigger Bestia Taming Quest Chain. Quest: Bestia Taming Quest Level: 20 Quest Type: Anima Quest Target Region: Square of Livelihood - Luna Deor Starting NPC: Drill Master Amaryllis Special Requirements: Equip Portable Music Bag Reward: 1900 lif, 4700Exp, 7 Cepa Coins Drill Master Amaryllis will tell you about Anima's inherent trait and will send you off to find Wandering Onions. She will give you a Portable Music Bag that is supposed to lure the Wandering Onions into a trance like state ready for taming. A 10 minute Quest Timer will start once you accept the quest so try to get to the location as fast as you can. (Note: You can ride Celero from Square of Livelihood to Room of Mental Projection then jump off the platform and swim to the target location~) Important Note: You need to EQUIP the Portable Music Bag before you try to tame the Wandering Onions. Portable Music Bag is in Common Inventory not Quest Inventory. Once you equip Portable Music Bag it will be in the Character Info interface. Important Note: You need to reduce the life of the Wandering Onions to about less than 1/4 bar or lower before trying to tame it. Once you significantly reduced the life of the Onion, press 'ESC' button once to cancel attacks on the monster. Also, you don't need to switch to Anima Mode to try and tame the Wandering Onions. All you need to do is click the 'Hearts Icon' near Anima's name. Important Note: in case you fail to tame the Wandering Onion within the allotted time.. don't worry! Abandon Quest and just retake it again~! Timer will stop if you have successfully tamed the Wandering Onion. Check Quest Inventory for Hot Onion and return to Drill Master Amaryllis. Complete Bestia Taming Quest to start the next chain quest, Perfero Taming Quest. -- Quest: Perfero Taming Quest Level: 20 Quest Type: Anima Quest Target Region: Square of Livelihood - Luna Deor Starting NPC: Drill Master Amaryllis Special Requirements: None Reward: 2700 lif, 6600Exp, 7 Cepa Coins Drill Master Amaryllis will now tell you about Pero. Peros are bestias that are tamable and have the potential to be mounts. She will tell you of rumors about a Perfero roaming around Forest of Phantasms. Collect aCrystal of Being: Perfero then purchase a Grindstone of Soul in either Metropolis. Combine both then create a Summon Pero: Perfero. Take Celero from Square of Livelihood to Olivine Cave. Then travel up to Wasteland of Spook and search the area for Perfero. Reduce Perfero's life to about less than 1/4 or lower, stop attacking then click on the Hearts Icon to Tame the selected Beastia. If you successfully tamed the Perfero you will recieve a Cystal of Being: Perfero. Check Common Inventory. Next, obtain Grindstone of Soul: Perfero from an Anima Merchant in either [Metropolis] Solutus or [Metropolis] Foederis. Travel back to Luna Deor, from Olivine Celero to Square of Livelihood. Then take Terasil Gate and select [Metropolis] Solutus. From Solutus Terasil Gate run/walk to the Commercial Area and look for Anima Merchant Flores. If you choose Foederis, take Terasil Gate and select [Metropolis] Foederis. From Foederis Terasil Gate run/walk to Commercial District and look for Anima Merchant Babiana. Buy a Grindstone of Soul: Perfero for 37,500 lif. (Note: CHOOSE & READ CAREFULLY! Grindstones look identical you might accidentally buy the wrong one! And some of the Grindstones costs a lot!) Right-click on the Grindstone and choose 'Use'. This will combine bothGrindstone of Soul: Perfero and Crystal of Being: Perfero. You'll gain a Summon Pero: Perfero item. Right-click on it to use. Press 'O' button to open Pero Info to view your Perfero! Now return to Luna Deor and talk to Drill Master Amaryllis to complete Perfero Taming Quest!
  19. Dear Community, This in-depth guide was written by Rivy, the Siren of Sirens and a good friend of mine from back in the old GPotato days, and a tiny bit by myself. As we've put so much effort into creating this I feel it's a waste not to share it. Enjoy the guide and feel free to post any questions or comments below! =) The Siren The Siren is a very fun and diverse class to play. Not only can she do well as a back-up healer in dungeons, she can also deal devastating damage to not only single but also multiple targets at the same time. The Siren has a large variety of skills (AOE/Support/PVP} at her disposal. You can build her as you like and enjoy your own unique character! Stats and their importance Stats come in 3 varieties on Minstrel/Siren equipment, Int, Sense and Luck. Despite what the rollover information tells you, Intelligence adds only to magical attack, healing and mana, Sense adds only to accurarcy and evasion, and Luck adds to crit point, crit strike and bonus defense. As a squishy glass cannon type class, we only have 2 real considerations in terms of stats - go psycho on the damage or trade our glass armor for something more substantial. The most common route magic-based classes in the game take is a Int + Sense focus in terms of equipment (what I took as well), the rationale being the standard Int for damage/healing and Sense for accurarcy and evasion. After some consideration and experimentation however, I've come to the conclusion that unless you're going all out with this approach and insert a substantial number of evasion spheres into your equipment, it might prove more worthwhile to go with a Int + Luck focus instead (with one Sense necklace for accurarcy). The rationale is simple - your primary job in dungeons is dps and backup healing, plus you're not supposed to get hit at all. In PvE, while it's nice to be able to dodge hits, our survival tactics is really more a combination of our heal-over-time and our increased run speed (skill over gear ^^). Additionally, our passive Siren toggle is tied to critical hits (recovering 3%mana and increasing cast rate by 30%), and might prove to be an overall dps winner in boss fights. Do take note however that investing in Luck only makes sense at high levels, due to increased damage values on weapons and more Luck values on accessories/armor. At lower levels, it might be more useful to stick with Int + Sense. Minstrel Skill Tree Eroding Cadence Instant Cast, No Cooldown 50% of your m.atk per 2sec for 10sec Your very first DoT, and a pretty good one too. As both a Minstrel and Siren, this will probably be one of your most used skills (I use it to pull non-aggro mobs for AoE). With a later passive, Eroding Cadence can be maintained forever - meaning its damage potential (on a single cast) skyrockets in long fights, and as such, is one of the first skills I cast on a boss. Song of Substance Passive 1/2/3% mana regained upon hitting a target with Dissonance Depending on your prefered skill rotations, this passive could become well worth its cost. 3 skill points is a whole lot, and 3% mana gain per cast of Dissonance may not really seem like a worthwhile trade, but at higher levels, you will have a considerable mana total. Just for reference, I typically use only Slicing Wind and Aggressive Cords on boss fights (because of damage synergy on Wounded by the Wind), and find my mana doesn't really drop throughout the duration of the fight - in fact, i believe it actually goes up a little. Energico of Restoration Instant Cast, No Cooldown Heals target's HP by 50% of your [healing stat] every 2sec for 10sec Our compulsary HoT and well worth it too. Regardless if you use a lute or not as a siren, you're going to have a reasonably high (heal stat). There's really not much to say about this skill except that it will become your best friend. Maestro's Tools Passive Additional 10/20/30% bonus to [total] Healing when equiped with a lute Instead of Song of Substance, this is the skill I first put my 3 points into. Regardless of how Dps-oriented you are, having the option to help out with healing is one of the biggest advantage of a Siren, and closing that option out for yourself is a really bad move in my opinion. When equipped with a lute, even at high levels, I find my (healing stat) quite on par with Orchestrators and Oracles (at least until lvl50). Also, you will be depended upon for heals from time to time, and after you solo heal a dungeon, you'll appreciate why healers love classes who help with healing - saves mana and helps prevent heart attacks. Lastly, you will use Energico of Restoration on yourself, period, and this gets you considerably more heal per tick. Persistent March Channeling Skill [ie cast while standing still, breaks on movement], No Cooldown 50% m.atk/sec (for 3sec), slows target's movement by 50% and regains 50% of damage done as HP This skill, like Overture of the Damned, is actually used more for their secondary effect than their damage. Dps is terrible, and while the HP drain is somewhat useful, what you really want is the 50% movement reduction - more time for your DoT to apply another tick, more time for your teamates to notice the huge scary mob running towards the damsel in distress, or as a finisher to kill a mob before it closes in melee and does damage. Eroding Refrain Passive Renews Eroding Cadence upon damage [even normal attacks] and inflicts additional 5/10/15% damage to targets with Eroding Cadence on them Take it. Not only does renewing Eroding Cadence bring the damage potential of the skill thru the roof, but an additional 15% damage on all skills and attacks on top is just too much to give up. I say again, take it. Overture of the Damned Channeling Skill, No Cooldown 50%m.atk/sec (for 3sec), regains 50% of damage done as MP This skill is a godsent. You might not find yourself using it a lot as a Minstrel, due to the 1vs1 nature of combat before you get AoE's, but at later levels, this is the skill that keeps your MP up the whole time you're in a dungeon. I usually use this as a finisher on dungeon mobs with little health left, or rotate it with Aggressive Cords (on max passives) when I really need the mana. Also, it helps quite a bit with the MP when you're on heal duty. Damned Finale Passive Increases damage of Overture of the Damned by 10/20/30% when you're under the effects of Energico of Restoration Not that great in my opinion. The damage of Overture of the Damned isn't all that great to begin with, and the main purpose of using it is to get MP back, so having to cast Energico of Restoration before you cast Overture of the Damned doesn't make a lot of sense, and it doesn't allow you to cast Overture of the Damned more than once during the 10sec duration of Energico of Restoration due to cooldowns. So it's essentially 3 skill points on adding 30% damage to a poor damage skill with a long setup, one-time cast and high mana cost total. White elephants anyone? Chaotic Hymm Instant Cast, 20sec Cooldown 200% of m.atk, consumes 10% of caster's HP I didn't used to like this skill much (20sec cooldown), but after experimenting with it, realized it has its uses. it's great as a finisher skill (especially with maxed passive) and despite what it seems to suggest, the HP drain on yourself is rather low (closer to 5% than 10% really). It also has great damage (with maxed passive on a target with >50% health left) on an instant cast to boot. Work it into your skill rotation in dungeons, 20sec goes by in a flash when taking on dungeon bosses, and it comes up quite often in chance skill combo's too. Maddening Cadenza Passive Additional 20/40/60% damage on Chaotic Hymm when cast on a target with less than 50% HP. Also gives a 20sec buff which increases crit rate of next skill by 30% There's really no reason not to take this if you're into Chaotic Hymm - the only being not enough skill points if you want to max the passive on Aggressive Cords, but you can return to this skill even on your 2nd class to bring it up. This passive is basically a huge Dps addition, not just to Chaotic Hymm, but to the next skill in line as well. Relaxing Harmony Instant Cast, No Cooldown Removes all magia-based debuffs on target Not that bad, but not that great either. It does remove effects like slow and root, but it doesn't work against some of the more pressing debuffs and curses (those are categorized differently). Personally, I see it as more of a convenience-type skill than a life-saver, but it does have situational uses (in PvP as well), and is one of the few skills unaffected by global cooldowns. Warding Tune Passive Extends effects of Relaxing Harmony by 2/4/6sec Heaps onto the convenience factor of Relaxing Harmony. 6sec is a resonably long time, but 3 skill points is also considerable too, especially considering you can spam Relaxing Harmony if indeed necessary. Leading Note Instant cast, 120sec Cooldown Increases Skill Chance success by 30% for 20sec Compulsary short term buff, not a bad one really when the passives are added in, very useful for boss fights, and PvP fights if you have the luxury of casting it before engaging in combat. Resounding Symphony Passive Adds M.Atk by 10/20/30% when Leading Note is in effect Nothing to scoff at - and all 3 skill points are a necessary stepping stone to get the next skill in line, Interlude. Oratorio Passive Adds Healing by 20/40/60% when Leading Note is in effect Nothing to scoff at either - and leads to the highly useful Recapitulation. Interlude 1.5sec cast, 5sec Cooldown Roots target to the spot, 50% chance of breaking on damage I've read on the forums that this is the skill to get for Sirens-to-be, but I've yet found it to be of any real use. On normal mobs, you really don't have to root them to kill them (even considering the -15% m.res passive), and on dungeon mobs, it's pointless because your teamates' 101 hits on a single mob would render the root pointless. I suppose there could be some use in single PvP when the other AoE root is used up and on cooldown, but I reckon by then, either you or your opponent wld have been long dead. Enfeebling Nocturne Passive -5/10/15% of target's m.res if he's under the pause(root) effect of Interlude Compliment passive to Interlude, and definitely useful if you find yourself using it - might be the only reason to use Interlude in the first place. I've tested it a little and found little damage difference on mobs - the mobs I reckon with good enough m.res to be really affected by this skill are probably magic type mobs (ranged!) so the only real reason to take the Interlude line with full passive is whether you think a -15% on m.res is worth a 1.5sec cast time (don't forget the 1.5sec global cooldown). Recapitulation 1sec cast, No Cooldown Recovers target's HP by 100% of your [healing stat] The mana-eater skill, but also a life-saver at times. If you do take this line instead of Interlude, you'll be able to solo heal some dungeons, provide decent backup healing if not and occasionally save your own arse. Personally, I find Recapitulation much more useful than Interlude (I certainly use it way much more). Minstrels/Sirens/Orchestrators are squishy. No going around that one. But Sirens at least have a 5sec invulnerability skill that when combined with Recapitulation, has saved my hide on more than one occassion. Reviving De Capo Passive 20/40/60% chance of resetting timer on Energico of Restoration on target of Recapitulation. Also increases amount healed by 10% if target has more than 50% HP I personally don't have this passive line and don't think it's very necessary for a Siren since we're really not full healers - you usually backup heal (read: emergency heal) when your target is under 50% anyways. I use the points here to top up those I didn't put into Maddening Cadenza earlier since it really has more use to me. Siren Skill Tree Slicing Gale 2.5sec Cast, 3sec Cooldown 240%m.att and adds Wounded by the Wind debuff (increases damage of Slicing Wind and Aggressive Cord by 10% per stack, up to 3 stacks) The first of your 3 bread and butter skills as a Siren ^^ There isn't much to say here, except that this skill is compulsary, is featured as the initial skill in your chance skill combo's, and will undoubtedly be one of your most used skills in boss fights. Beriah's Wisdom Instant Cast, No Cooldown 30min Buff, increases Int added by items and effects by 10% (supposedly, but it doesn't, and I really don't know how it calculates, just that it adds very little in practice) This buff has the same effect as the Archimage buff (except ours is prettier), and is expected to come up when you're in parties. It doesn't add a lot of damage to be honest, but there really isn't any other more worthwhile place for your skill point at this level - plus not taking it will just make you an oddball Siren. Siren's Resolve Passive Toggle Decreases threat earned by 10/20/30% and gives 33/66/100% chance to increases your cast speed by 30% for 5sec on a critical hit Our compulsary toggle and a great one too! Keep it up at all times! Feint of Transference Instant Cast, 60sec Cooldown Transfer 50% of your threat to target and increases their threat earned by 20% for 20sec Superb skill ^^ this skill will save you when you're with bad tanks who can't hold aggro, or those times when a mob sneaks up on you (or you fuss up the tab targetting) and you need to transfer it to the tank. Cast Preservation, transfer threat, and thank yourself for the point(s) you have invested in this skill ^^ Sleight of Hand Passive Increases threat transfered by 5/10/15% and increases caster's Skill Success Chance by 5/10/15% for 10sec While possibly not as important as Quagmire, I do believe this passive line should be revisited when skill points free up towards the end of your Siren skill tree. I'm somewhat on the fence about this passive however, as I'm unsure whether the 15% increased threat transfer is entirely necessary, but there does seem to be a lack of good skills to invest your points in further down the line. Harmattan Channeling Skill, No Cooldown AoE - 60%m.att/sec (for 6sec), 4m radius Your other bread and butter. This is the AoE you use the most in dungeons as it has no cooldown and actually provides quite good dps for its (considerable) mana cost. It is possibly one of the best AoE's when its passives are maxed as it is area-based and inflicts great damage over its (also considerable) entire duration. Quagmire Passive Increases Harmatan's damage by 5/10/15% and gives 33/66/100% chance to reduce targets' movement speed by 50% for 6sec While the 50% movement reduction isn't something to write home about (you don't really need it), the 15% increase is damage makes this passive line well worth its cost as it basically increases the damage of your most used dungeon skill by a fairly significant margin. Take it. Soubresaut Instant Cast, 4sec Cooldown AoE - 20%m.att, 4m radius around caster This, is the AoE that every other class is going green with envy for. While 4m around you might not seem like much, in practice, this skill will damage the entire train of mobs trailing behind eating your dust and watching your pretty little pert arse. Does not require aiming, just run around in circles, and cast away! Subdued Resistance Passive Increase Soubresaut's damage by 10/20/30% and gives 33/66/100% chance to reduce targets' m.res by 10% for 10sec This passive line is a must. There's really no reason not to take it and not much to say except please take it. Period. Preservation Instant Cast, 240sec Cooldown Absorbs all direct damage for 5sec, reduces caster's movement speed by 50% This is our 5sec invulnerability skill. It does not protect against DoT or AoE damage, but it does block out all direct attacks, which is what mobs use 95% of the time (and what players have to rely on when they're silenced). Life-saver skill really, just take it and hotkey it as a panic button or something. Guise of the Butterfly Passive 33/66/100% chance to remove all debuffs from caster and regains 4/8/12% mana/2sec for Preservation's duration I've experimented with this passive line at max, and found it doesn't remove *all* debuffs. The curses that kill you and such will still stick on, and the stuff that it does debuff really isn't that big of an issue and doesn't warrant its 3 skill point cost. Might be situationally useful in PvP though, so if you decide not invest your later skill points in Sleight of Hand, you might wanna consider putting them here instead. Stifling Void 2sec Cast, 120sec Cooldown AoE - No damage, but prevents targets from using skills for 10sec, 3m radius Our AoE silence skill. It doesn't really do much in PvE as mobs don't really use skills and bosses are immune to it, but with maxed passives, this is our only AoE DoT skill, so it has its uses in PvE. Mass PvP is where this skill shines however, and 1vs1 PvP too, if you have the luxury of pulling this skill off before your opponent casts their silence. Melody of the Void Passive Increase Stifling Void's duration by 20/40/60% and inflicts 10/20/30%m.att/2sec in affected area for 10sec Great passive addition to Stifling Void, and makes it viable for PvE. Not much to say here except it seems to be a more sensible place to put your 3 skill points than in Unveiling Winds. Binding Tempest 1sec Cast, 60sec Cooldown Forward AoE - 40%m.att, Roots for 6sec (50% chance to break on damage), 8m x 3m in front of caster This skill has great potential for mass PvP. Like stopping a horde of chargers heading towards your party healer...or you. Personally I haven't been in many PvP situations, so I can't comment much on this skill's practical uses, but it does have a shorter cast time than Interlude, so if you're into root-kiting, this skill would undoubtedly be a prime consideration. Unveiling Winds Passive Reduce Binding Tempest's Cooldown by 10/20/30% and gives a 33/66/100% chance to reduce targets' Wind Resistance by 30% for 10sec If you intend to use Binding Tempest often, you will want to invest skill points in this for sure, otherwise, skip it. Jete Instant Cast, 30sec Cooldown Teleports caster to the desired location within 15m Basically one of the most useless skills on your Siren skill tree. Judging by Soubresaut's '4m' damage range, you'd think Jete would act like some sort of reverse rocket booster...but it really doesn't. The distance this skill teleports you back is pathetic, and can easily be covered by a mob/melee class in a second or two at most. Also potentially dangerous as it might drop you into a pack of mobs...or off a cliff. Vessel of Tornair Passive Toggle Increases Movement Speed by 10%. Also regains 1/2/3% MP with additional 10% Skill Chance Success on a critical hit (in addition to effects from Siren's Resolve) Ah the great divide ^^ The choice of which toggle to take basically boils down to whether you like Vessel of Tonair's effects or Vessel of Destruction's skills. Vessel of Tonair has really powerful effects (much better than Destruction's in my opinion), and is geared towards increasing single target DPS. Even for PvP, there are strong merits for this toggle - 18% reduction on cast times is considerable and lessens the handicap we Sirens have in terms of long cast times - even more so when we crit. Also, this toggle makes a luck-based Siren build quite possible, and the 10% speed increase really helps keep damage down during AoE kiting. Vessel of Destruction Passive Toggle Increase PvP Def by 10% and gives 30% chance to gain Basilis Advent buff for 10sec - recovers 3%HP/2sec and increases m.att by 30% This toggle line is kindda deceptive in my opinion. While it may look PvP based, I believe the skill itself is actually more of a convenience type toggle for AoE grinding, where you won't actually die from getting hit and a 30% m.att increase with passive heal effect would be a great asset for AoE kiting. For PvP, even without considering our abysmal defense, 3% of a Siren's HP really isn't something that's going to topple mountains (even if you gimp yourself by using all Sta accessories and spheres). The only real reason to consider this toggle line is for its skills. Guarded Pirouette Passive Toggle Increases all party members' cast speed and m.res by 10% Please take it. That is all. Invocation of the Winds Passive Increases m.att by 5/10/15% of caster's Def. Also increases cast speed by 6/12/18% Necessary points in here if you want to advance along the Vessel of Tonair's toggle line, and really quite worth it. Vandal's Might Passive Increases m.att by 5/10/15% of caster's Def. Also increases chance of gaining Basilis Advent by 6/12/18% Like the one above, this passive line is necessary for advancement along the Vessel of Destruction toggle line, though its added effects aren't as spectacular. Twister 2.5sec Cast, 90sec Cooldown AoE - 80% of caster's Wind Resistance, 5m radius This skill is a bit confusing in terms of trying to figure out how its damage is calculated. But for some reference, at 0 wind resistance, I basically do damage equivalent to 1/2 that of Slicing Gale on every mob within its area of effect. With 50 wind resist, it goes up to about 3/4 that of Slicing Gale's damage. Not that bad, but certainly not that great either. Tonair's Minions Passive Summons 2/2/3 Tonair's Minions within Twister's area for 8/16/24sec Mmm..while I like to look at these Tonair's Minions waltzing around the field, to be entirely honest, their damage is crap. Still, it does add to the damage of Twister, and skill points in here are necessary to advance, so what the hell right? Yay for mini twisters ^^ Punishing Strut 1.5sec Cast, 60sec Cooldown 90% of m.att, 3sec knockdown (5sec bounce if affected by Basilis Advent) The damage of this skill isn't fantastic considering its cast time, but it's really the 3 or 5sec knockdown you're going for. Still, looking at it objectively, 5sec knockdown gives us just about enough time to cast one skill, and the cooldown doesn't allow it to be spammed, so when you come down to it, while this skill has its uses, it's not a star. Disgrace Passive 33/66/100% chance to reduce healing effects on target by 50% for 10sec Not that great of a passive really, but certainly useful if you're going with this line anyways. Consuming Winds Instant Cast, 8sec Cooldown 100%m.att damage per stack of Wounded by the Wind The game doesn't have a high enough level cap for me to take this skill yet, but I reckon it's one of those nice but not entirely necessary skills when it's unlocked. I've done the math and worked out that without its passive's effect, casting Consuming Winds and consuming 3 stacks of Wounded by the Wind instead of keeping it on and rotating Slicing Gale with Aggressive Cords actually lessens your Dps (not by a lot, but still..) Cruel Wind Passive Targets with less than 30% HP will take 20% more damage from Wind attacks and will be 5% more susceptible to critical hits I haven't gotten this skill yet, so I can't tell what effects leveling it has, but hopefully it will be substantial enough to make casting Consuming Winds actually worth it, we'll see. Circle Dance 1sec Cast, 120sec Cooldown (Self-buff) Targets within 3m of caster takes 30%m.att damage every 3sec for 15sec. Increased to 6m and 60%m.att if caster is affected by Basilis Advent. The cooldown really kills this skill (unless the buff is kept up for 120sec instead of 15sec but I highly doubt that), else it'd have been great and would give Sirens a real reason to take the Vessel of Destruction line. As it is, it helps with one pull of AoE kiting every 120sec, or possibly kite-killing in PvP if you can somehow pull it off on a melee player chasing you around ^^ Fierce Wind Passive 33/66/100% chance to apply 50% movement speed debuff on targets affected by Circle Dance Speculative - this passive doesn't really seem very worth it. Slowing down target too much might help reduce your damage taken, but it also means mobs might be too far from you for your AoE damage to kick in on it looks to be kind of a double-edged sword. PVP I'm no expert at PvP, but it's obvious that the Siren's strength lies rather in PvE than in PvP. Still, if you must, there are a few basics that I believe applies to anyone. Every class's power comes from their skills, so the first thing you wanna do is lock their skills up with Stifling Void. Cast Preservation before if you have to (ie got ambushed and can't spare the 1sec cast time of Stifling Void), but lock up their skills and every class becomes a bit of a pushover. Depending on the class you're fighting, you might want to chance the 50% root chance of either Binding Tempest or Interlude (or both, in succession after one's broken), cast your Slicing Gale, kite with Eroding Candence on your opponent (and Energico of Restoration on yourself), and possibly finish off with Chaotic Hymm if your HP isn't too low. Against ranged characters, you either start running in the other direction, or kneel down and pray! On a more serious note though, the Siren's strength is really in mass PvP, where your AoE silence and AoE root (plus all your AoE glory) can really come into play. One vs One is trouble for us, since realistically speaking, our cast times are just a tad bit too long, and we will get silenced or rushed/knocked down/stunned by other classes, and our def/hp just isn't going to cut it (unless you're on PvP gear, which I haven't had the pleasure to try on yet) Closing comments Well, this about concludes the Siren Guide. We hope you enjoyed reading it and that you have found the answers you were looking for. If not, feel free to hit us with your questions, comments or sugestions. Good luck with your Siren and above all: Have fun! Credits: Liviya
  20. Advice to anyone doing their cooking, save up those herbal tea of curiousity for a level 65 quest, it sucks getting 80% legendaries with a cooking skill of 65 for a skill 1 recipe that only yields a max of 2 per round Credits: Toadie49
  21. How to purchase Neffy Points Hello everyone. In this guide I will explain how to purchase Neffy Points. It's very easy and can be done in just a few simple steps. NOTE: You will need a Paypal account in order to buy Neffy. 1: Go to and click "Donate" in the left menu. 2: Login with your ingame account and click the Paypal button. Reminder: You must have a Paypal account for this to work. 3: Choose the amount of Neffy you want to purchase. You will be automatically redirected to the Paypal login screen to complete your payment. 4: If you are already ingame, you'll need to restart your game for your Neffy Points to be added to your account. You should now be able to see them in your inventory, just below your Lifs. If the Neffy points still don't show up after relogging, contact PriusAnima by PM and she will take care of it. That about concludes the guide! If you have any further questions, feel free to ask in this topic. Enjoy your Neffy! Credits: Liviya
  22. This is a guide about the production skills of your anima. Here are the skills: 1. Harvesting After finishing the Quest to unlock this skill, go and fight monsters just as usual. while your are at it just harvest random flowers/grass. There ar 4 different sorts of things: - Twig of Life - Lime Flower - Herb of Vigor - Spring of Magia Each of them is used later for cultivation. 2. Cooking This skill is quite useless since the food you can produce doesn't give much of an advantage. Just sell the cooking ingredients, sicne they usually give you ~900 Lif. 3. Requiem Once you finished the quest, you can extract Faint Soul Crystals from most dead monsters. These Souls are used for advanced cultivation. 4. Cultivation (most important) This skill is really important, since you can produce many good items, which will help you in the whole game. You will need all Items you found from Harvesting. Then go to the Merchant and buy Bronze Orb. Now you will need Earth/Water/Fire Seeds which you can drop from Monsters. After that you can start crafting/cultivating. You will need 50 Cultivations (Fruits) to Reach Culti grade 6. That's 150 Earth Seed + 200 Harvest products (when you reach grade 8 harvesting you have enough). And you will need 50 Bronze orbs. 4.1 Fruits:(grade 1+| 4pcs of Herb from harvest|1 Bronze orb|3 Earth Seeds) It's a buff which stays 1 hour and it doesn't wear off after death in colosiuem or logging off. The effect continues until the time runs off. Each fruit gives 17 of its attribute, but you can only have one buff activated per time. 4.2 Special Potions (grade 6+|5pcs of Herb from harvest|1 mixture liquid|3 Water seeds Seeds) Buy some Mixture Liquid at Merchant and get Water Seeds which you drop form Monsters. Don't now the effects yet. 4.3 Reinforced Steel of Master (grade 11+|3 Piece of Star|30 Faint Soul Crystals|30 Fire Seeds) Can be used to Enchant Weapons/Armor. It reduces the chance, that an item break while the enchating process drops to 0%. It can still degrade though.
  23. 1. Part I : General Points 1.1 : Introduction : -What is a Shaman-healer? There are 2 types of shaman : the healer and the dpser. The Shaman-healer focuses on maxing her heal skills while the dpser on her DoT skills. Because the shaman-healer uses HoT, she has to spam her heals to perma-rege the hp of her target. The shaman-healer can also stack her HoT and has the highest hps of the healer classes. But and because she has to spam her HoT, she runs out of mp very fast and even worse as she has a bad mp management (no skill to reco her mp under lvl 52). -What is the best healer class? I heard and still hear this question so often. It's a good question but not a simple answer. In terms of hps, the shaman has the best one. She also has a better survivability, thanks to Concealment. But and because she's a HoT healer, she also has the most demanding gameplay. So, even if the shaman has the best hps and is probably the best healer, she's also the hardest to play. Don't choose shaman-healer just because the hps is higher or you might fail. Choose shaman-healer if you're ready for a challenging and demanding gameplay. 1.2 : Healing mechanics Reading the heal skills' description you can read they recover hp based on a % of your healing. WARNING : this is not your Healing attribute ! The Healing mentioned in the skills is the sum of your Healing attribute and your Healing bonus attribute multiplied by your magia accuracy coefficient. Ok, I can see your face and your eyes widening from here, lol. Let start with a picture : (Healing+Bonus Heal)*(Magia Acc/100) = healing mentioned in the skills. That's it and I recommend you write down, memorize this formula as you'll use it to check your healing efficiency but also to check which dagger is better for you too. 1.3 : Stats and Gears : -Which stats are recommended for a shaman-healer? INT is a must have as it's maxing your mp, your heal and your magia attack (well yes, just because you're a healer doesn't mean you must not be able to deal damages ). There are two options as a secondary stat : Sense or Luck. Both are viable choice, at least until lvl 52. Sense : Under lvl 51, Sense is a good choice for your secondary stat as it increases your accuracy and your evasion and your magia def. But at lvl 51, you're geting Ancient Ritual and you shouldn't need +magia def with this skill. Nonetheless, under lvl 51, Sense can be a good choice especially if your survivability is often under death risk (dung runs with random kamikazes, for example). Luck : Luck doesn't provide as much survivability as Sense does but you can crit-heal. After lvl 52, Luck is highly recommended. Thanks to Ancient Ritual and Healer's Brand, you've a decent mp management, a good resistance so you should focus on crit-heals to spare every mana cost you can (and also to be able to do dung rushes). So, no matter what's your choice between Sense or Luck, your focus is still on INT. Example : Lvl 50, you've 600 INT you're good and you can look to boost either Sense or Luck. Lvl 50, you're under 600 INT, forget about the secondary stat and max your INT first. -What about the gears? Well, everything that max your INT, of course but also your mp reco. Your spheres should be : Infinite spheres of INT, Misted spheres with +mp reco. Even after lvl 52 and you got Healer's Brand, you still want a good mp management so I suggest you still max your mp reco with misted spheres. Check your dagger's stats : Use the healing formula and check which dagger is better. You'll be surprised to notice that a dagger with a lower healing/int bonus but with a higher magia accuracy can be a better choice. 1.4 : The Shaman-healer and her Anima : -What's the best Anima build for a shaman-healer? Your 1st thought might be that you're the healer and therefore an Anima-healer is kinda a redondance and a waste? You'll be wrong. Blood Anima uses the 3C game system, which means your Healing attribute (see above on the screenshot) is shared between your main char, your anima and your gigas. Therefore as a healer, your Anima's going to have a very good healing attribute. If you go with an Anima healer, you can benefit from the 3C synergy and rely on an efficient Anima-healer. You're going to enjoy to be able to kill bestias while your Anima can keep you alive, thanks to your own healing attribute. The second option is the Anima-Curse/Weaken. As a shaman-healer, you're squeashy, you don't deal a lot of damages (lvl 40 to deal as much damages than a lvl 25 worldboss...) so everything that can help you to kill things faster is welcome. Therefore the Anima-Curse/Weaken is a good choice. You lack of the synergy with your Healing attribute but I still suggest 1-2 points in the curse/weaken anima skills. 1.5. : Level 1-25 : Between level 1-25, you should focus on leveling all your daggers' skills. Your build should look like : Why 1/1 6th Sense rather than 5/5 Channeling the Ancestors? Until you get Concealment (lvl 36), 6th Sense is your best survavibility skill and you want it to keep your squeashy tail alive. Also to complete the Tier unlock requirement you'll get 5/5 Channeling very fast so no worry. 1.6 : Gameplay : In the intro, I said that shaman-healer is a demanding gameplay now it's time to tell more about this. The shaman healing mechanics work on stacking and keeping the HoT active on top of your target : Soulsoothe+Healing Winds+Star Seed, etc... To heal and keep a target alive, a shaman-healer is going to cycle between her HoT and spam them during all the fight. Therefore a shaman-healer is permanently active during a team run as she's permanently casting her HoT during the fights... while an orche can just keep an eye over the tank hp and cast a spike-heal only when needed. No pause, always active during a fight, this is not the laziest nor easiest healing gameplay. To play efficiently a shaman-healer is all about cycling your HoT with a high mp reco to maintain your healing spams on top of your target. Also and because of her high hps, the shaman-healer can easily get aggro and be under damages' pressure. Example : in ToH, the final boss casts a mounted ground DoT AoE. This aoe ignores the tank's taunt to target the character with the highest threat. Then, if you're a good shaman-healer with a high hps, you're certainly going to be targeted by this killing DoT AoE. 1.7 : Final Notes : -What are the most important points? The most important points to note and remember are : - spam and cycle your heals, - max your mp reco and INT, - (Healing+Bonus Heal)*(magia acc/100) = healing mentioned in your skills - Anima healer with 1-2 points in debuff skills - have fun and don't let others blame you when the tank dies. -Pro and Cons? Pros : -best hps, -best team heals, -best survivability (Concealment). Cons : -worst mp management, -get aggro often, -no good spike heals. -Lexicon : hps : health per second. While fighters compare their efficiency in terms of damage per second, healers compare their efficiency in terms of health per second. HoT : heal over time, Instead of instantaneously recovering X hp, the HoT recovers the same hp amount but over time. 2. Part II, Skills : 2.1 : Do's and Don't : - Lvl 26 : Don't rush to take Spirit of the Wild, As your first Shaman-healer skill, choose Talisman of Tenacity. You're squeashy, it's going to help you with +hp, +mp and it's a party buff so you can start doing VM runs with this skill. -Lvl 27-39 : You shouldn't need to take Rites of Rebirth. VM, VG and IC are easy, noone should die in there. That's the theory, in practice you may team with kamikaze cowboy noobs who're going to blame the healer for their death... of course. But still, don't rush to take Rites of Rebirth and max your heals (Channeling the Ancestors, Sool Soothe, Healing Winds) and your cleanse skill (Cleansing Ritual). Don't forget to take Concealment, this skill is also your aggro-wipe and Shaman-healer has a high hps so you want this aggro-wipe skill. -Lvl 40 : You're unlocking ToH, a tough dung and now you need Rites of Rebirth. Lvl 40, you must have Rites of Rebirth because death is common for lvl 40-44 teams in ToH. -Lvl 41 : You take Star Seed, no question, no comment, you just do. This is your best team heal and why everyone loves Shaman-healer. Take it, max it and love it. -Lvl 41 : Spirit Infusion : Forget it. Read the description and compare it to Healing Winds. Spirit Infusion : costs 139 mp, 120% healing, waiting time 60 sec Healing Winds : costs 139 mp, 150% healing, waiting time 0 sec. If you can't keep your tank alive with Healing Winds, Spirit Infusion isn't going to help. -Lvl 46 : Ancestors Protection : This is your 2nd cleansing skill to remove curse and dot. You want it, you need it. Take it, max its passive, love it (especially in BI and following high lvl dungs). -Lvl 52-69 : You take Healer's Brand, of course, and max every skill tied to it : Seed of Reco, Rejuvenating Shower, Swift Cast. Credits: Thalia
  24. NOTE: This discussion topic is part of building the "Picking the right class for you" guide. Before you start, please read the main (Pinned) topic. Welcome, multidisciplinary supporters and people who have experience playing with them! This is the place to discuss the difference between the two support classes: Duelist and Mastermind. Reminder: While discussion is welcome and necessary in this topic, please keep it civil. If you are passionate about your class that's great and we'd love to know why, but try not to place your favourite class above any other in the category. We want to know the differences, not which one is superior. Questions to consider: What is the typical trademark/style of this class? Which are the 2 possible advancement paths (after level 50) for a class? Which stats would benefit a class the most depending on their advancement after level 50? Which do you consider to be the 3 most important skills this class can get?