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  1. What if those monsters are made to be non-aggressive? They will only attack if they are being attacked. Those low level who are curious might want to try to poke them and see what happens though lol
  2. Hi, apparently my post has skipped 2 years from the previous post, but more importantly here's my 2 cents of why some players are still staying in this game: 1. For nostalgic feels - Yeah the player base are made of 70% Mid-age dude and dudettes, and 30% teenagers. But will this keep up? 2. To accomplish what they failed to do - Exactly. This includes maxing up their level and completing all dungeons. What comes after that though? 3. Urutika weapon. Yeah the grind fest is real for this sole item. Once the players get and made it +15, they blazed through the dungeons and felt Godlike lol. And then?. As what can be seen, the game is already lacking content and the surprise element is nearly zero. We're excited for quite awhile due to new update announcement, but everyone knows that the "end" is nigh for Prius Online. Sharing the game via facebook will do the trick, but the interested party are mostly of the old generation, and of course are of the very minority. In other words, the game is not exciting enough to keep us from playing it. And to be honest, I'm nearly maxed my level and already thinking to move along. But, I do not want Prius Anima to go down the history, so here's some of my proposal: 1. ULTIMATE GIGANTIC FIELD BOSS First and foremost, I understand there might be no programming team out there and Prius the owner is the sole manager to this game. However, I think a few tweaking to monster database and locations suffices. How about you add several very powerful boss monster to spawn across random field? Their sprites can be of special dungeon monster, and are given GIGANTIC sprites . The incentives should be that these boss drops rare items (and by rare, I mean rare).. Additionally, the boss stat should be very OP, Aggressive, and nearly impossible to beat without 30+ Players combined. This will greatly gives reason for the existent of " Expedition " Team, which is an alternative party type that has been sitting in game for unknown purpose. Wouldn't it be exciting to travel across the field with many friend, and hunt a titan sized boss monster? Moreover, it'd be exciting if there's auto announcement of such boss respawn in unknown region. +50 points to excitement factor. 2. WANDERING "REAPER" Yeah, pretty much like the above, but they come in numbers, intimidating and powerful, and roam in TOWN. Heck, you can put them in newbie town if you want, that'd be awesome. Used sprites suffices, and if possible, color them black and give them some kind of name. It should be enough to kill them with full members of normal party (6 members max level), there's no need for expedition party in town because that would be hectic and annoying. Making them as aggresive bestia would be nice too. These so called reapers can come in a set of party of their own or scattered one by one around the town, either way works. The drops? How about random dungeon Anima costumes that aren't purchasable with Neffy points? +30 points to excitement factor 3. EXP PARTY Yeah, good incentive to encourage lone wolf to party up while leveling. The merrier the fun, and "newbie" will not felt left out and crying all alone in empty corner. The town is literally Silent Hill and players are almost non-existent in the Town of Beginning. The least can be done is to present them with lists of crowded in party options, so they can join along the fray.. and say hi I guess +20 points to excitement factor Edit (January 10th 2017) 4. RESTING AREA This should be a good replacement for random buff feature, that appears in timely manner. How about you remove the random buff and assigned specific area as a place to get those buff instead? This area should be visually relaxing, calming, and peaceful in nature. The players will have to AFK or hang out there for an amount of time (1 hour?), in exchange for extended buff time (Lasted for an hour). The benefit is that this will encourage players to meet up in single spot and make friends. Secondly, availability of the crowds would be pleasant to the eyes and heighten the mood for upcoming leveling/questing. Thirdly, meeting between players will just make party leveling even possible to do, when it is decided on spot. Fourth, there is possibility to screenshot the crowds and share it to Facebook friend, so this lively scenery is made to known for other people, and become a point of interest. +20 points to excitement factor 5. MULTI LANGUAGE As of lately, I've seen several Korean players come in and out, but the default English language just make it harder to get used or comfortable to. Language barrier is by far some of the main reasons that turnoff many returning players, since majority are in fact from the Korea itself. I know this might sound selfish, but it would be nice if there's dialogue or script prepared in their respective language so these players maybe able to understand and fully enjoy the story quest in game. There's Korean and Japanese server for Prius online, so I was wondering if it's possible to extract their language data to be used on this server of yours instead? A language option might just do the trick to increase the server's population. I've seen several online games that have done this, take S4 League for example. +30 points to excitement factor ------ I have many more suggestions in my mind but It would be for naught for the most part probably. But I would appreciate anyone's feedback regarding this. Let's make Prius better again for the more year to come.
  3. hello, I am Avan the guildless archimage SOLO KIRITO lol. feel free to invite me for dungeon run :DD