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  1. Hi guys, It's been two years or less since I've posted a guide here in the forum and the first one I've posted was the "Tips for New Players to Fast - Leveling". Now I'll be discussing and giving tips onto how you guys can earn up to 100+ million lifs in just a month or so. Be wary though, as this will sometimes result differently of course on how you approach the game. If you guys are actually in that tier, you might as well may suggest or advice our other players on how to earn that too. To elaborate on that part "how you approach the game", are you guys the type that like to grind for hours? Or are you guys love to wander the dungeon in search of rare loots and everything? If so, this guide will help you in addition to those two questions beforehand to make earning money a little bit more easier. But for now, an introduction first. I'm a former player of Prius in the gPotato days. I apologize in advance for the team that brought back the game for including the former team/staff. On behalf of every player in the current Prius, I salute and applaud you guys on a job well done on bringing back the game among few MMORPG's that I've enjoyed and loved in my entire life. Thank you so much for every effort and time you've put in the game. Now, as a former player, I'll share you guys on every knowledge I know about the game. Simple stuff about leveling, earning money, Equip Customization and other things. I've once have a lvl 75 Juggernaut with full set of +15 Scorpio Set. You guys know what the Scorpio Set is right? I've earn about 600+ millions lifs back then and earned as much as 200+ million lifs in just a month or so. So in this particular introduction alone, you guys know that I'm not kidding and knowledgeable about this. I know I'm gloating and such but let me be XD. Other things I've missed, feel free to comment and suggest to help others particularly those that have interest in the game and wanting to play the game to make them have fun and easier to cope with the game. First things first. For all the people that like to set their Party and the item function to let the whole party to bid on equipments that meant to every class, you guys are A Holes (sorry admin for the word). There's no need for that to be honest. Let it set to Class type and if there's two class of the same type, let them bother with it. For I can assure you, after you read this, whether or not you do this, what you did in that setup will only take you far. Selling items and equipments here are actually, to certain extent, not needed. Sure, the game allows everyone to sell their equipments that they so farm in so many hours to others. But the game itself allows their players to earn a lot in a lot of different ways. The Easiest Way to earn those millions? Use some low level drills. Yeah, I'm not joking with this one. You see, drilling is the most easiest and the most laid back money earning machine in the game. Depending on where you are drilling, the stones you've drilled will be determine on what particular level the place is. What I've meant by that is that, when you drill in a Lvl 25 Outpost, most likely the occurrence of low level stones will be common. If you guys are in for stone searching, drilling is the number one option to get those. Don't waste your time in dungeon runs for just stones or farm killing like in Ragnarok. The game itself provides an easier method, you've just need to be creative, patient and be informative on where to find what you guys need. If you guys like to craft certain items, you need those stones. But wait, you've asked the easier route to earn millions right? So where does that lead us if we're only digging for stones and stones aren't that pricey to sell. That's correct. If you sell the stones to NPC, it's cheap but to other players it's expensive not unless they themselves know how to get those and I'm actually here to provide that so, sorry in advance for those that are doing that. The bags are the secret in earning those millions. DON'T SELL THE BAGS. What's inside the bags are the important thing. Here's a tip. If you guys are going to turn off your PC, don't. If you guys have the luxury of keeping your PC on all night long, leave it with you character drilling. That's what I did back then and let my character drill till morning to see that my whole inventory is full of bags. The bags are full of ingredients. Depending on where you are drilling, the bags themselves have another level to it and in itself have a higher level of ingredients which when sold to an NPC, they're expensive. Alright, truth to be told, opening the bags will take time so you guys need some "Auto Clicker" found in the internet. Just search for it and let the ingredients roll in and cash flows in. Other methods include in my first guide "Tips for New Players for Fast - Leveling" Operation and Union Quests gives a lot of lifs and this allow you guys to level up faster. It's killing two birds with one stone. Here's the thing. You guys don't need to sell out too much equipment to other people. What we did back then was give them away to someone needing it. The lifs in this game and earning them is much easier in compare to other MMORPG's. The only sensible to sell to other players are Master Steels and anything related to crafting equipments. So don't waste time going out to the field and farm up. You guys are only damaging your equips and paying to repair isn't a win - win situation to you guys. Equipment Hunting and Upgrading Equipments Now this is a tricky part. Back then, we only upgrade our equipment by ten levels. Yes, by ten levels. The reason? Ten levels are actually pretty easy to achieve. This will, however changes depending on the role you've chosen and difficulty of the dungeons you guys will be entering. Back then, at level 75, we've always go ALL of the dungeons just to have the final dungeon quest to be done. The quest still gives a moderate amount of lifs and coin to be traded for dungeon equipment which we actually just give away to other people. Now, if you're in a tank role, this will be tricky. Among most role in the game, the tank usually the one needs the most lifs in upgrading their equipment. They needed high defense to survive and that includes a healer that knows what he/she is doing, tactics, strategy, being creative and information to each bosses and every minions inside the dungeon. If you've taken the role of a damage type, you can apply the ten levels to upgrade. Usually tank types needed at least every 5 levels to ensure their survivability especially when you've reach level 50's and such and when it comes to every dungeon's Hard Mode, it's an entirely different scenario by then. The Scopio Set The Scorpio Set (Are they still called the Scorpio set?) are set of equipment located in the game that can only be attain by doing dungeon runs in Hard Mode. In this mode, every party are allowed to enter and clear the dungeon 3 times without any setback. In normal mode, you are also allowed 3 times but the dungeon quest is only attainable once and why waste time in there once you've completed it once? In Hard Mode, it's completely different. Your main goal here is to farm medals. Each part of the Scorpio needs medals. If I'm not mistaken the highest number of medals needed are 50 or so. Correct me on that. I've forgotten how many are needed. This is the game's most important and needed set and interchangeable with Lake Garden's Weapon and Armor Dungeon Set. You will be able to attain a much higher damage but lower defense than the full Scorpio Set. Why Weapon and Armor? The Lake Garden's needs 3 pieces to obtain the first bonus set. The Scorpio set only needs two to obtain the first. The third piece of the Lake Garden will depend on you guys. If I'm no mistaken about the two sets, yeah the Lake Garden - Scorpio Set Hybrid Set gives a high damage but lower defense in compare to the full set Scorpio. The ONLY problem (is it really a problem to you guys about this?) lies in that the weapon is imbued with Wind element. If you don't mind the Wind element, go ahead. The Medals are trade items needed to obtain each part of the Set. If you guys clear dungeons faster and have it to 100% clear (this means clearing the dungeon of ALL the minions inside but this actually differs from dungeon to dungeon). Here's a tip. You don't need to clear a Tomb of Heroes Hard Mode just because you are a Level 60. You can still obtain medals in Haunted Mansion (?) Hard Mode and obtain the same amount of medals like in the Tomb of Heroes. But at that level, you can enter 6+ times in Hard Mode and obtain about more or less 4 (depends on your luck and the clear percentage) on those runs. I've obtain the Scorpio in just a week and that's still not playing for a whole week. The 100% clear gives the player at the end of the dungeon a 100% chance of acquiring a medal. The dungeon will allow you to choose among the three boxes that has each box a medal inside. The catch? One of those boxes gives more than one medal. So there's a probable chance that if you guys clear it 100%, you'll be able to acquire medals at a minimum of 3. Tips for Hard Mode Number One. Preparation. Be informed about the dungeon you're gonna go into. There's a huge gap between Normal and Hard Mode and I mean HUGE. The bosses in Hard Modes are way too hard if you guys aren't prepared for it mentally and physically. This is no brainer. Don't go charging in and luring all of the mobs not unless you guys have decent equipment and even with good equipment, they are still a force not to be underestimated. Number Two. Party. The Hard Mode features a lot of difficult minions and bosses that partying to someone that likes to horde around minions will likely gets your party obliterated in a manner of seconds. Choose the people you want to work with in farming these medals in Hard Mode. The mode also gives out rare equips that are only second to Scorpio Sets. Forgive me for no remembering the name of those rare items. But once you've obtain them, you can't sell or trade unless you detach (?) them from yourselves so be careful about equipping them. Their stats are higher than rare crafted equipment types but they don't have set bonuses. Still they are valuable to each class and party item setup needs to be in "Class Only"-type. setup. ARGGHH.. Forgive me guys for forgetting the most important names for those types of equipment. Number Three. Dungeon. Choose carefully which dungeon you guys would like to enter in Hard Mode. There's at least two dungeons you don't want to enter in Hard Mode and that's I think in Level 60's dungeon. The easiest ones are the Level 25's and 40's. The Tomb of Heroes and Evil Heroes are among the dungeons that I've enjoyed farming medals in Hard Mode. Evil Heroes Hard Mode gives a different level of difficulty as the last boss likes to cast buffs that can kill players if they are too close to each other and doesn't know about the Seal of Death and Life (if I remember it correctly though). The trick here is to never let yourself too close to one another. Don't transform yourselves in Giga Forms as this will only kill you guys faster and kill the boss slowly. Gigas have lower damage than you guys are in higher levels. Other than that, you guys need to figure it out as I've forgotten most of the important parts in all of the dungeons. Number Four. Cooperation and Communication. This actually needs to be included in number one and two but it will be entirely different once your party is inside. I know that I don't need to remind you guys that you need to cooperate with each other in Hard Mode. Knowing who's in your party and choosing who's gonna in your party are two different things. Aside from knowing the person behind that character, you also needs to know the character that he/she is using. Spend some time more on knowing their character and their play style. This is actually true for damage type characters as they usually tends to draw the aggro before the tank can even setup it up. Healers needs to know what they are doing and especially needs to pay attention to details on what is going out there. Hard Mode is entirely a different challenge to a party. Healers sometimes are locked down in keeping the tank alive than other members of the party so damage types, especially Melee types, need to pay attention to other minions in the vicinity or just outright kill off first the minions before tackling the boss. Be outright spoken in these situation as these can determine if you guys can clear the Hard Mode or not. One slight mistake can outright obliterate your party in mere seconds. PVE vs PVP The game itself is not a PVP - type environment. The only PVP feature that the game has are Guild Seige, Arena and Duel. I'm not knowledgeable about the PVP feature of the game as I am myself not a fan of PVP type MMORPG. If I want a PVP game, I would or just play outright in MoBA games. This games includes League of Legends, DoTA 2 and so much more. To be honest, the one reason that I'm so attached to Prius is the game a heavy PVE type that set itself apart from other MMORPG. The game itself lets it's players to be either be independent and solo it or just party up with others. This is evident in the fact that Operation and Union Quests takes a lot of time by soloing it and even by classes that have a few AoE's find it still takes time to finish all of them. Then there's the handful of PVP features found in the game. Duels are actually pretty fun to do once in a while. I'm actually a fan of this as this actually gave me a chance to get me some friends in the game. I've never actually participated in Guild Sieges as it only occurs in the middle of the night in my country and I was still a student back then. I've found it pretty idiotic to some MMORPG to turn it into a heavy PVP style. Why turn your RPG into a PVP type if there's a MoBA type games out there? The most idiotic thing about it? Their players. What? Can't catch up to those players in MoBA that you show your frustrations in PVP in a MMORPG no less? There's actually less flexibility in tactics and strategy in PVP in MMORPG. Lag and Spike is the main issue. League of Legends features a ping watch that will help you determine if you are lagging by reaching a certain number. MMORPG doesn't have that feature at the best of my knowledge. Even for just playing it normally, I've experienced a lot of lag and spike in those MMORPG. Yeah, I know my ISP sucks. But still you guys understand the point. It's actually pretty laughable for players to take it seriously in PVP not unless it is a Guild Siege. Once acquiring a town/city in the game, the guild will have the option to put some taxes into it. I think it's when you buy, sell or bid, the Guild that place the tax will have a certain percentage of money. I don't know the exact details though. Alright folks, as much as I've enjoyed writing this guide, it's time to finish it off. I've given you guys some tips and advice. The choice are yours to follow this or some of it. Comment, suggest and share some info that I've might missed and you're free to tell your opinions below about other things too. Thank you for reading my guide and I apologize once more to the staff about the other things I've included in the guide. That includes naming other games and team/staff aside from the game itself. Once more, I thank you and salute you guys for a job well done and for all the time and effort you've put in the game. Good day to everyone and happy farming to you guys.
  2. Star Coins are premium items back in gPotato days so I think that's no-no for them. Blood Gifts can be acquired at the arena for trading PvP equips which guild wars are still disabled for now so I think it's useless at this point. Probably the best items to be traded them for are Master Steels, Pocket Enhancer and any enhancement materials or alike. Master Steels are hard to grind and Pocket Enhancer are non-existance in this game so I think this two items are pretty great for exchanging seals. For higher tier of exchanging seals, I think Peros will be fine.
  3. Well, let's make the forum and the game alive with some guides, hints or tips for new players that are interested in the game and probably the former players of Prius Online. I'm a former Prius Online player myself, the Prius game before Arcane Saga. I was a Juggernaut player back then and my IGN is Viral. From my very own experience, this game has what it takes to become one of the best if not most enjoyable MMORPG. However, gPotato back then lacks the P.R. capability to advertise this game and I.P. bans was one of the factor that the community back then only has a thousands of players or maybe less. They might think the game is so-so and I think this will help them to play the game itself instead of just reading the forum or asking questions in the forum if the game is still alive or is it just a waste of time for them. Alrighty, just read below and depending on how you've leveled your character in the game, you can comment and share below for more info if I've missed anything. We'll pull in more players that way rather than bash each others guide or thread in the forum. So, here we go. Here are some hints and tips for new players in the game for fast leveling or just leveling. Now, for every class you pick this will still be helpful for leveling and i think every town is much the same as every town. At the moment I'm playing the Lon Mas tribe/clan and a Juggernaut class. For every tribe/clan/class you picked, as every MMORPG, you'll even up in the town of you respective class. For the first 5 levels and 10 levels or so, Story Quest is the starting point of leveling in this game. Don't waste your time going outside the town and kill every monster/beastia in the area for exp. You don't need to grind some exp in killing monsters not unless you got some exp enhancer yourself. In this game, there are actually 5 quests you need to level up. The Story Quests, Anima Quests, Operation Quests, Union Quests and Dungeon Quests. Story Quests The starting line quests that will help you level up in early levels and through Story quests will guide to reach one of two Metropolis, Solutus or Foederis. Well, to be quite honest, I don't read the Story quests that much, I always just accept it and go to the place to where the quest is and execute it. Well, the story will help you level up to 10 levels or so and this quests is still helpful after you've finished your Operation, Union or Dungeon quests.Anima Quests This are quests that are mainly for your Anima, Cultivate, Cooking, Requiem, Taming and Harvesting. Doing this quests rewards you Cepa's Gold Coin for buying some Anima's clothes/costume. Although, there isn't that much exp in this quests, the Giga's quests are actually can be found in this quests. Hopefully, they will introduce much better items to buy with Cepa's Gold Coin.Operation Quests This are the quests for leveling up in this game, alongside with Dungeon Quests and Union Quests, you can do this once per day. Operation Quests can be found in Battalion Officers in towns starting at level 10 up to level 14 or 15. At level 16, Operation Quests can be found in Garrisons and can be accessed by teleporting to the Garrisons or just by walking there. You can identify if it's a Garrison if there is a number beside it i.e. (16 - 20) Desert Post. There are other circumstances where the Operation Quests at level 11 will start at Garrisons. I forgot which town does that though. This is where you usually get all your gold aside from selling items. Operation Quests are pretty easy to do except for areas that has many aggressives and poison types. You don't need a party to do this but with some people with you, Operation Quests will be faster to finish. Back then, we make parties for Operations and after finishing it, we're straight ahead for Dungeon runs.Union Quests This quests are a pain. You'll travel across the map searching for each beastias to kill to complete each Union Quests. Although the exp and gold are pretty good and when doing Operation Quests, some of the beastias needed in Operations are also needed in Union. This quests starts at level 25 and you can find them in Metropolis towns. Find some quest boards and there you'll find your Union Quests. My advice is, grab every Union Quests you can find and do your Operations at the same time with Union. Reward item are much like the reward item from Anima quests but they are called Union crest or something (I forgot ok, sorry XD). I don't know much about the items that can be bought with this reward item because I didn't bought anything with it back then. Dungeon Quests You'll be needing a party for this quests but the gold and exp are pretty good. Although each quests can only be done once and beastias needed to be killed are inside the dungeon of course, the reward item at the end is what matters most, from accessories to full body equipments sets.Some useful info. Quest Boards. This boards are useful when it comes to tracking quests. You can find them in every town, Metropolis and even Garrisons. The icon of boards are the same in the mini map. Just open up your map, click "M" and you'll find the icon for boards. General Shop Laro. This guy also gives quests for extra exp. Gold is not exactly that worthwhile but his reward exp is a must. Just grab his quest, search his caravan, the list requirement is there, return the list and he'll give you another list. Open the list in the quests bag and the items listed composed of magia crystals and some cooking materials. Magia crystals required are dependent on your level. The higher the level of your character, the magia crystals required differs each 5 levels or so. Early Levels 1's - 15 For starters, you'll need to walk around town or just find a quest board to track quests. Start doing this until you reach level 10 and search for a Battalion Officer for Operation Quests. Start killing beastias listed in the Operation Quests and this will help you level up. If you have a friend or just ask some people in the game to become your teacher, this help you level up much faster. Although I don't know the exact percentage of how much exp you'll gain when you've become an Apprentice but being in the same party with your teacher will further enhance the exp. However, if I'm not mistaken, only the exp in killing beastias are the only affected. Still though, exp gained from killing beastias are still helpful especially when doing Operation Quests. Anima Quests will be popping up and grab every Anima quests you'll find. At level 10, your Anima will be introduced and just keep on following the quests to reach your Anima. Anima are important in this game, especially if you're going for the healer type Anima. Discussion of importance of your Anima will be in the next thread I'll be doing some time soon. Level 15's to 24's Operation Quests are what will matters the most at this levels. Teleport to your first Garrison and grab every Operation you can find. Each garrison of each class differs slightly to one another but they still have one common rule. Your level. You can grab other town's Operation Quests as long as you are in the same level bracket. At level 25's, Operation Quests will be available at Metropolis' Garrisons. So before reaching 25, you can town skip and teleport to their respective garrisons and grab every Operation Quests available. Although I doubt you'll be needing to do this if you do your class' Story quests. Story quests and Anima Quests are still needed to be completed in this levels and will still help you level up. If you've lost track of your Story and Anima, just find a quest board and track those quests. At level 21's, you can grab your next set of Operations in the next Garrison. But if you are too lazy to do some Story Quests then go ahead and town skip and do some Operations instead. Level 25's and up Time for some class change, a letter will be sent to you via Mail, so go ahead and read it. If you don't know the NPC to go to, find some quest boards and track your class change quest from there. Don't be too excited to enter your first dungeon, Vicious Mansion. Dungeon Quests are there but if you don't have a party don't waste time enterting it. You can still level up going through Operation Quests and this is where Union Quests comes in. The joy in this game doing the same Operation Quests, Union Quests and Dungeon Quests all over and over again is the gold you'll accumulate at later levels. I've collected a stunning 600+ million golds in my former account back then just doing the same quests over and over and over again. Well, I'm not a gold spender back then so I'm not enhancing my equips at early levels. I've only touched my gold back then when I've enhanced my Scorpio set to +15 and buying some mastersteels and pocket enchancers. This is where leveling slow down a bit. I remember it took me few weeks to reach level 70 back then and I'm not familiar with the game back then. Just be patient with playing the game and the game itself rewards its players at later levels. I know that there are still many things that the game still lacks compare to the previous Prius and the game itself. Aside from that, we can still hope for additional changes and hey, it's only 3 months after it's initial release and we can't hope that they'll unlock everything the previous Prius has. Give it some time and hopefully we'll be enjoying it once more like back then. Here's my hints and tips for new players to level up. Although there are still loopholes here and there, you can comment and share some info below for your own way of leveling up. Thanks for reading my thread and hopefully this will help new players and also players playing the game already too. Here's for hoping that the game will stick around much longer and hopefully it will rise up like every MMORPG out there. I know that I'm hoping too much when it compare to other MMORPG, but this is actually the only MMORPG that I've enjoyed playing EVER in my entire gaming life aside from playing MOBA games and Single player campaign games. Well, thank you once more and good day to everyone.