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  2. Reminder that buying/selling accounts is not permitted and will result in your account being frozen!

  3. Not that I'm aware, I know some of the sphere slot counts for some of the Cepa sets, but not cash. I'll work on getting a list of what I can together and see if I can find anything about the slot amounts on the web.
  4. Thank you Sharmista! This is awesome!
  5. Hi there, some of you might be wondering what some of the Anima sets look like, especially if you are interested in buying a Neffy set. I've found some old screenshots to share with you! As you can see I Do not have all the sets yet, so if you would like to post some of the costumes I do not have pictured here, please feel free to do so!
  6. Hi everyone! I've (finally) finished a new guide around combat and GUI usage! Take a look at it here!

  7. Welcome to How2Prius, a series of guides detailing various mechanics in the game. Today’s H2P: The core basics of combat and how they function, plus some tips and tricks. If you enjoy these guides, let me know which topics that interests you and I will add it to the list if it hasn't already been done by someone else. What’s in this How2Prius? As stated, this covers the raw basics, such as the combo system, animation canceling, the global cooldown, and an index of combat/skill related jargon. What's not in this How2Prius? This will not cover the list of combo chains, as there are numerous chains for every class and they vary depending on what skills you do or don't have. Table of Contents Terms and Abbreviations Global Cooldown The Combo/Skill Chain System Animation Canceling User Interface/HUD Tips and Tricks Terms and Abbreviations Used in this Guide Most of the words and abbreviations listed here are simple or common terms used in many games. This list is here for those who either do not know what something means, or come across a word or abbreviation I use that they do not understand. Auto Attack/AA - a basic attack your character performs upon issuing an attack command; does not trigger the global cooldown Animation Canceling - the act of canceling your character's attack animation early Area of Effect/ AoE - any skill or ability that affects a large area rather than a specific target; this includes buffs and heals Buff - a skill/status effect that increases your stats temporarily Crowd Control/CC - an effect, especially a debuff, which impairs your ability to move and/or attack Hard Crowd Control - completely impairs your ability to attack or move; things such as stuns and knock-ups are considered hard CC Soft Crowd Control - partially impairs your ability to attack or move; silences, slows, root, ect. Damage per Second/DPS - the amount or rate of damage you with your attacks do per second. Disable - See 'Crowd Control' Debuff - a negative status effect that impairs your character by lowering your stats, causing damage over time, disables you, ect. Damage over Time/DoT - an ability, especially a debuff, which inflicts damage over time Global Cooldown - a cooldown triggered upon using a skill, which prevents other skills from being cast during this time Gigas - one of your three forms, a Gigas is a large creature with its own skills. Each Gigas is acquired via quests. Gigas Mode - the summoning of a Gigas, where the Gigas replaces you and your Anima on the battlefield Heal over Time/HoT - a healing effect that heals over a short time rather than all at once, such as with healer abilities, some potions and food Global Cooldown Before we can begin to discuss anything relating to skills and animation canceling in Prius, you first need to know what this is and how it functions. The global cooldown is not anything exclusive to Prius, and you will learn fairly quickly what it is. The global cooldown gates your skill casts, making it impossible to spam skills consecutively and preventing crowd control locking enemies. There is no way to get around the global cooldown, but some classes have passive or active skills which reduce the cooldown by a small margin. Items such as food and potions and some skill also do not trigger the cooldown, making it easy to chain a few skills together. Anima skills do not have a Global Cooldown; however, you must wait a few seconds after your Anima casts a spell to cast another one. In this time you can queue up another ability so that your Anima will cast it as soon as she can. You can also do this from a mount so that the spell cast begins immediately after dismounting. The Combo/Skill Chain System So if there is no way to get around the global cooldown, how are you supposed to do damages? The answer is skill chaining. A skill chain is a combo effect which is triggered upon using a skill. It looks something like this: External Link to Imgur You will be presented with one or two skills to continue the combo. To continue the chain, you can do any of the following: Press the key corresponding to its place on your hotbar (ex. 1-9, f1-f12, ect) Click the skill on your hotbar Click the icons presented by the combo Pressing the 'R' or 'F' keys Any one of these will work, but I highly recommend you learn to use the R/F method as it is lightning fast and very rewarding. Unfortunately, there is currently no way to rebind these as they are hardbound; there are entries for them in the registry file, but from my fooling with it I have not successfully changed the keys. If you are able to reprogram extra buttons on your mouse, or even your keyboard to a more convenient location, you can bind the R/F keys to them for easier use. The R/F method is fairly straightforward; when presented with a combo, press R for the skill displayed on the left, or F for the one on the right. You will find that some skills do not start a combo at all. Some of these include AoE buffs, some AoE attacks, and conditional (ex. must meet x condition to cast) attacks. Animation Canceling Animation canceling in Prius is an odd duck, because it's not a complete or true animation cancel. For example, you are able to autoattack and move at the same time, so autoattack animatons cannot be canceled in this way. The easiest and most evident animation cancel comes from chaining an autoattack with a spell cast. You can do this because your autoattacks do not trigger a global cooldown with your other skills. This applies to instant cast spells and those with a cast time; because your basic attacks fire at a rate gated by your attack speed, there is usually a small downtime between attacks. By issuing a spell cast immediately after your autoattack is fired, you can increase your overall DPS. This is especially useful between chain combos. User Interface/HUD Tips and Tricks The Heads-up Display can be your best friend or your worst enemy. Unfortunately, Prius' HUD is not the best ever in terms of MMOs. However, virtually anything on the display can be moved to your liking, simply by clicking and dragging the desired element. This includes your and your Anima's health/mana bar, Gigas meter and your and your Anima's EXP bars. There is also an option in the settings menu to restore the default locations of all HUD elements/windows should you no longer want them there. This option is also useful if you change your resolution, window size or go from windowed to fullscreen mode and vice versa, because all the HUD elements will fit perfectly in the new settings. You also have the option to move the secondary buff and debuff indicators on your screen to wherever you want them to be. When you mouse over the left side of the icon, a small, black oblong oval should appear. Click on this oval and drag the icons to wherever you want them on your UI. These icons are also reset when restoring the default window locations. Finally, you also have the option to disable click-to-move. This is done via the registry, and can be explained for Windows users here. Conclusion This ends today's H2P; if there was anything you feel was left out, or you have any further questions, feel free to leave a reply and I will answer it as soon as I can. Thanks for reading!
  8. WARNING, This guide is VERY extensive, as it covers EVERY skill and passive, their benefits or lack thereof, and tricks to use them with. There is a lot of reading here. Hi guys, I'm sure a lot of you know that Necrosis is a Gladiator; most of you may not know that tank classes have been a passion of mine for quite some time, and this hasn't been restricted solely to Prius. Tank classes in Prius are a breed of their own, and due to the mechanics of the HUD and other elements(tab, for instance), sometimes tanking can be a little more difficult than in other games (or at least in my experience) Now, before I start, these are my personal opinions based on experience and use with my Gladiator. If you don't agree with something, that's completely fine and you do not have to do whatever it was that was suggested; use this as a catalyst, not a set design. Be aware that I have not ventured into every dungeon in the game, but I know enough about the majority of them and their mobs/bosses to give a small bit of fairly basic advice. To any of you who do know more about dungeons beyond CC1&2, I’d greatly appreciate your input. Table of Contents Gear Builds End-Game Sphere Builds Legionnaire Tree Gladiator Tree Brief Anima Guide Gear Builds Gladiators have 3 main stats coming off their gear, STA, STR and SEN. There's a few different ways you can build with this; some are good, some are a bit subpar, in my opinion. When you get a piece of gear you come out with one of these combinations, where the variable stands for one of the three attributes: X X>Y/X<Y or XYZ With X you get one stat. I would recommend you to not invest fully on these if you plan on doing any real tanking because you need a bit more diversity than just one stat. X>Y is when you have two stats, such as STA and STR, and one has a higher value than the other. Same goes for X<Y. For example you may pick up a piece with 60 STR and 30 STA or vice versa. XYZ is a fairly even combination of all three stats; this isn't too bad of a route as it gives you a fair mix of all three. This does come at the cost of losing some stats over an X>Y build, but these can often be made up with sphere settings. As for the stats themselves, this depends on what type of stat combination you want. My personal favorite is a STR>STA build with Evasion or magai resist spheres because it has a lot of general use and doubles as a set I can farm mobs with. The problem with this is that you might have trouble with magic-based mobs; you can remedy this by having nice trinkets that are enchanted or trinkets with Sense and/or magic resist spheres. A "full-tank" approach would be STA>SEN or STA<SEN with your choice of spheres, be it Evasion, Health&Regen, Magic Resist or Infinities; you can also add STA or SEN trinkets for extra tankiness. The downside to this approach is that it may be much harder for you to maintain aggro on your targets due to your lack of damage, and it may or may not be easy to remedy this with STR trinkets alone. Just remember, if you feel or know that you have trouble maintaining aggro on mobs, ask your team to hold back for a bit before they start to fight. Communication is a large part of a tank's role. Another combo is STR>SEN or STR<SEN; I do not like this build on a tank because this is more of a melee DPS build, and if you don't use Infinite spheres to compensate for your lack of HP and overall defense, you might find yourself dying a lot. Because tanks naturally draw more aggression than any other class, you're more likely to snag aggro off another tank (if you have one) if you use certain skills/combos. Granted, if you have a lot of evasion you may live, but this is simply too much of a risk. If you must test this build, do this while you're low-leveled (around 30-45). You might be able to pass with this as a semi-farming build, but I'd just recommend going with the first build I mentioned. Finally you have the XYZ build, which is all-around fairly decent and versatile. They do lack a bit in stats compared to the XY build, but for the most part it is balanced and anything you feel is lacking can be made up for with your trinkets and spheres. This is another build you might want to test while still early in the game, as it’s not right for everyone or every situation. End-Game Sphere Builds Throughout a large portion of the game, most people I’ve come across use Sun Gem Evasion spheres in their gear, as it is easy and inexpensive to do. You may want to do something different for your end-game stuff, and all this depends on what you want to do. Some people go full Infinite slots on their gear, trinkets included. These can be any sphere of your choice. You can do this by purchasing Infinite Sigils or farming for gear with infinite slots in them. Trinkets that drop from normal mobs never have slots. Sometimes bosses will drop Special Grade trinkets with Misted slots with either a Magai Res or +MP/MP REC sphere attached, which can be extracted. Leoberita in Vinemaze drops a STR ring with an Infinite slot. This is a very rare drop. Another option is to go a Misted Sphere route, trinkets included. There are different spheres you can farm for, such as +HP/HP REC, Magai Res or even +%Move Speed/+HP. All of these spheres are obtainable through boss drops and can be extracted from the gear they come in. If you can’t or don’t want to put Infinites on your weapon, you can stick with +Crit point spheres or you can farm for +%Attack speed/+crit point, +Accuracy, +ATK Power or +Melee attack/+Accuracy spheres. As with the previously listed misted spheres, these are obtainable from bosses and are attached only to weapons. I personally recommend you go with the +Melee attack/Acc spheres, but the choice is up to you. Skills The Gladiator is one of my favorite classes because they have a lot of skills that I consider utility skills, or skills that are beneficial for not only them, but also their team. Unfortunately Gladiators also have a lot of skills and passives that are incredibly useful and obviously we don’t have enough points to grab all of them. Many of these are based on personal preference, so if you feel like you won’t benefit from a certain skill or passive, you can invest the points elsewhere. This is how my skills turned out after about lvl 30-ish; I personally don’t recommend putting those 3 extra points into Chink in the Armor. They could have been placed somewhere else in the Gladiator tree. Legionnaire Tree This is how my skills turned out after about lvl 30-ish; I personally don’t recommend putting those 3 extra points into Chink in the Armor. They could have been placed somewhere else in the Gladiator tree. Gonna skip the level 0 and 1 skills, as you are basically forced to point points into these to advance to the next tier. Grab both of your level 2 skills (Mutilate and Gushing Wound). Mutilate deals up to 200% of your melee attack (40% per stack of Second Wind). The damage can feel a bit lackluster, especially after about level 40, but it will allow you to chunk down mobs, nonetheless, and you do need it to advance. Mutilate’s passive, Blur, gives you an attack speed bonus for using the skill for 5 seconds per stack of Second Wind consumed. This is more of an Astral Knight skill, and goes well with Dismissed if you go the Chink in the Armor path. More about that later. Gushing Wound is a damage-over-time skill that deals 20% of your melee attack every 2 seconds, and lasts 6 seconds for each stack of Second Wind consumed. Gushing Wound’s passive Drink it In is what makes the skill and the passive worthwhile. Drink it In restores up to 3% of your HP and MP each tick it is active. This can help sustain your health and mana in extended battles, especially at lower levels or if you’re soloing a boss. I also recommend you grab both of your level 3 skills, Restraints and Foresight. Restraints is a Race-Specific class and is incredibly useful; please grab this, as it is invaluable to your and your team, and can be useful in both PvE and PvP.Restraints pulls your target to you and prevents them from moving for 3 seconds. You can use this skill to pull a single mob without drawing aggro from the ones around it, which can be useful for pulling mobs away from a boss before engaging it, or bringing ranged mob into your AOEs, or peeling for another party member.It is important to note that Restraints has a bug in which sometimes the target will not completely come to you. All you need to do is either back up until it does or use AoE on it. Restraint’s passive, Momentum, grants you a buff that increases the success rate of your next skill by 33/66/100%. I don’t find this particularly useful for PvE simply because most of the time you aren’t going to miss a skill on a mob that is within your level range and if you do, you can spam another skill anyway. This would probably have more utility in PvP than anything. Foresight grants you a buff that has a 100% to block the next melee or ranged attack, and disappears after blocking that attack. For the level you obtain this at, it is an incredibly useful skill, as it completely negates the damage you would have taken. Pop this when you can and you just avoided 500 damage from that boss you’re soloing. As a note, the damage block from this does not activate the skill Revenge. I don’t use Foresight now (at level 60) as much as I did before at levels 20-40, however it still does have its perks and a relatively low cooldown. Foresight’s passive, Devouring Spirit, has a 33/66/100% chance to restore a portion of your MP when it blocks an attack. I don’t spam Foresight enough for this to be a beneficial investment for me, but if you don’t want to grab Blur or Momentum, you can put your points here instead to advance to the next tier. Tier 4 is where you need to make a decision; do you want the Evasion buff with a stun skill, or the Attack buff with an executioner-type skill? Gladiator’s do exceptionally well with Evasion, because any damage you completely negate at any level is just fantastic and may make your healer happy as well. The Side Step passive grants a maximum of 90% increased evasion. For comparison, these are my base stats and Virtuoso Buffed stats. If you go this route your next skill is Revenge, which is only activated when you dodge an attack. This skill is not affected by the Global Cooldown, so you can cast this immediately after using another skill. Revenge’s passive, Shock and Awe, has a 33/66/100% chance to stun the target of Revenge. While this won’t work on most Boss-type mobs, you can potentially chain CC one specific mob until it dies. Chink in the Armor increases your attack by up to 30% while the Virtuoso buff is active. Like Blur, this is more of an Astral Knight path, but going this way has mainly one benefit to you as a tank. Dismissed is an attack spell that deals 50% of your melee attack. If blur is active, it deals 50% more damage. Dismissed’s passive, Mercy, increases the damage of Dismissed dealt on low-health targets. If used correctly, Dismissed has the potential to do massive damage and can be used to chunk off a huge amount of HP from a low-health boss. I do not have any screen shots for comparison, but with +15 level 75 Eternal gear (STR>STA, no Infinites) and STR trinkets (+60 Str Infins), I dealt in the neighborhood of about 10-16k damage. If you see an Astral Knight, ask them about the damage. Like Foresight, this is an incredible skill for the level that you get it because most melee DPS classes don’t get this execution potential until late into the game (level 55-60-ish). In my personal opinion, I’d recommend you go the Evasion path, simply because you need to survive as a tank and because your number one job over anything is to maintain aggro, not deal damage. This is something fun to try at some point however, especially if you want to farm World Bosses by yourself. Gladiator Tree Also going to skip the lvl 6 skills/passives; pick these up as soon as you can. I will make a small note that the passive Combat Training converts some of your melee attack to defense and magai defense; this means any STR you put onto your equipment feeds directly back into your defenses. This is why I prefer the STR>STA build. The next level of skills are both important, though it may not seem so if you've never played or haven't played a Gladiator for a long time. Howling Slash and its passive Aftermath are your first sources of AoE damage and threat generation, aside from your Provoke skill. Howling Slash will damage 4 nearby enemies; with the Aftermath passive, you have a 33/66/100% chance to gain the Howl Buff for 1 second, which deals damage to all targets within a short distance of you. This damage earns additional threat for the Gladiator. Ferocious Strike and its passive, Lust for Battle, are also useful long-term. Ferocious Strike deals damage and generates a high amount of threat. You will want to use this skill a lot, mainly for two reasons. People tend to underestimate the amount of threat this skill generates; it can help you hold onto a boss that would otherwise go for your glass-cannon mages. First of all, it has no cooldown other than the Global Cooldown, meaning you can spam it easily. Second, it has a low mana cost. If you take all three points into the passive, you also gain an additional way to earn stacks of Second Wind, which are invaluable because you burn through mana. At my current level (71), Ferocious Strike has a mana cost of 154, whereas Slapdash and Constant Reminder have a mana cost of 257. Both of these skills also have a 3 second cooldown, where Ferocious Strike essentially has none. With that being said, Lust for Battle causes Ferocious Strike to have a 33/66/100% chance to generate one stack of Second Wind. For the Level 8 skills, I recommend you take Blade Barrier and its passive, Retribution. This is another skill you will be using a lot. Blade Barrier creates three stacks of Blade Barrier. While this buff is active, you take reduced damage on attack and lose one stack per hit. Retribution when maxed allows you to create an additional 3 stacks of Blade Barrier for a total of 6 stacks and reflects damage back to the attacker. The other skill, Crippling Sweep, and its passive, Defense Mastery, are a bit...subpar in my opinion, and unless you plan to PvP a lot, I do not recommend you take either. Crippling Sweep deals damage based off your defense; 50% per stack of Second Wind consumed, and applies a slow to the target. The reason I do not like this skill is because it is single target and does not affect most boss mobs, where I feel it would be most effective as a form of peel. The damage is also a bit lack luster, as it does roughly the same damage as Mutilate unless you have a massive amount of defense. Defense Mastery adds a small chance to reset the cooldown of Foresight, but because Foresight’s cooldown is already low (30 seconds) and the reset % chance is not that high, there is no point in taking it. At level 9 we have two important skills, World Breaker and Defiance. World Breaker and its passive, Conjure Spirit Sword are an absolute must.Both of these will make your life as a tank so much easier. World Breaker knocks up all nearby enemies and places a Bounce debuff on them for 4 seconds, causing them to be unable to move. It also generates additional threat. You will typically use this skill after you have pulled a bunch of mobs and your combos start here. You can do one of the following: Howling Slash > World Breaker > Howling Slash (if chain combo starts) World Breaker > Howling Slash The second option is, in my opinion, safer for dungeons, as it prevents mobs from attacking you for a short duration, grabs aggro on mobs easier/faster, and gives you time to pop spells like Virtuoso if needed. It is also easier for your party to recognize that you have established aggro. Conjure Spirit Sword does exactly what the name implies. It summons a summons a Sword Spirit that lasts for 18 seconds and does AoE damage. This damage generates threat which is applied to the Gladiator. The Sword Spirit cannot move or otherwise attack. Defiance is a buff skill that increases your max health by 30% and reduces all damage taken by 30% for 10 seconds. This is a great tool for both PvE and PvP, as it can catch your opponents off guard with the sudden increase in health. In a PvP scenario, you use this right as you are about to die; the bonus health acts as a heal and restores a portion of your health equal to the amount of bonus health. In PvE, this is good against high-damage bosses and magic mobs. It had a fairly high cooldown, so use it sparingly. Defiance’s passive, Warrior’s Discipline,increases the duration of Defiance and gives a 33/66/100% chance to remove all debuffs on cast. I almost want to say it’s worth investing in simply for the debuff removal but because Defiance’s cooldown is so high, using it purely for the debuff removal is a waste. If you have a good healer that regularly cleanses debuffs, you should be okay. At level 10, we have Challenging Stare and Blade Hurl. Challenging Stare is an AoE taunt that forces all mobs to focus on you for 10 seconds. This skill requires no target to cast, so it can be used quickly and easily. Unlike your single target taunt, it shares the Global Cooldown, meaning you have to wait a bit after casting something like World Breaker for example. This is a good skill to use if your DPS’s accidentally grab aggro before you do, or if a roaming mob aggros on someone else while you already have a group pulled. A good example would be Headmaster Bakua or Kelkarox in Bestial Inferno. It’s passive, Dauntless Challenger, reduces the cooldown of Challenging Stare and has a 33/66/100% chance to grant a Dauntless Challenger buff, which increases your evasion by up to 30% for 20 seconds. This is a great passive and I recommend that you max it whenever you can. The reduced cooldown allows you to cast the skill much more often, which if you have problems maintaining aggro or if your DPS’s keep getting targeted, this can save their lives. The buff from this passive also goes well with Virtuoso’s Side Step buff. Here’s a screenshot for example. Blade Hurl can only be used while you have stacks of Blade Barrier active. This is a ranged skill that throws one stack of Blade Barrier toward the target. This can be used to aggro mobs from a distance.In the case of dungeon mobs which use chain aggro, you still need to damage the other mobs to secure aggro onto them. For example you see mobs A, B, and C. If you throw Blade Hurl at mob A, B and C will follow. If someone else damages B or C before you do, they will turn and attack them. Stupefying blow adds the additional effect of silencing the target of Blade Hurl for a short duration. As always, the silence does not apply to most boss mobs. It has a lot more use in PvP than anything, but I still suggest putting at least 1 point into the passive, as it can still be useful to chain CC a mob or silencing those pesky magic mobs that like to silence you. Level 11 brings us to our next skill threshold. Grab the passive, of course. Also pick up the skills in this level, Indomitable Defense and Magai Barrier. Indomitable Defense is fairly straightforward; it’s a party-wide buff that increases your defense and evasion. This buff does not stack with the other tank skills, Hard to Kill (Sentinel) and Umbral Pact (Cursed Vanguard). This buff does not have a timer; it remains active unless you recast, die or logout. Magai Barrier is like Blade Barrier, only slightly better. Magai Barrier creates 5 stacks of Magai Barrier, which completely blocks the next 5 magical attacks.This includes basic attacks as well as spells such as Fireball. This skill DOES NOT block AoE damage such as Jaccus’ AoE Inferno or certain debuffs such as Silence or Word of Death. At level 12 we have Intimidation and Inner Focus. Intimidation is an AoE debuff skill that lowers all nearby enemies attack by 10% for 10 seconds. Because the cooldown of this skill is also 10 seconds, it is very spammable. You can use this as a form of aggro to make large groups of passive (white named) mobs follow you while you pull, or to aggro mobs that would otherwise ignore you if you are several levels ahead of them. Keep in mind you still need to cast something like World Breaker or Howling Slash to ensure you have aggro. Its passive, Weakened Elements, lowers the debuffed targets’ resistances by up to 15%. This means they take more damage from abilities and damage that use elements, such as an Archimage or Siren’s spells. This makes it easier to melt through mobs and increase your DPs and clear speed. Inner Focus is a self-buff that, like Indomitable Defense, stays active unless death, reactivation or logout. While active, it increases all heals on you by 20% and 20% of HP restored by direct heals are converted into Mana. 20% may not seem like much, but it’s actually quite substantial and includes heals from ALL sources, excluding potions and food. Its passive, Vengeance, gives you a 10/20/30% chance to receive a stack of Blade Barrier when hit with a direct attack while Inner Focus is active. It is arguable whether or not investing all 3 points into the passive is efficient; if you pull a large amount of mobs, each attack on you has the chance to generate a stack. At the very least, put at least 1 point into it, as the reduced damage and reflected damage on attack is nice, and you generate the stacks for free. This is useful while Blade Barrier is on cooldown. If you like you can come back and spend more points into this later if you have extra points to spend. Next we have Vampiric Strike and Dulling Blow. Dulling Blow deals damage equal to 10% of your melee attack per stack of Second Wind and reduces the target’s attack by 505 for 1 second. This skill consumes all stacks of Second Wind. Its passive, Sign of Victory, has a 33/66/100% chance to grant a buff which increases skill success and critical strike chance by 1% for each stack of Second Wind consumed. In my opinion, both the skill and passive are a massive waste, like Crippling Sweep, though I feel this one is far more useless than Crippling Sweep. A one second debuff is incredibly underwhelming; this debuff also does not stack with other attack-reducing effects. It seems like it is only useful in 1v1 situations. The passive buff only bolsters the idea that it is primarily a PvP skill. Vampiric Strike is a self-buff that increases the damage of the next Mutilate, Crippling Sweep or Dulling Blow by 50% and heals you for 50% of the damage dealt. This heal is increased by Inner Focus and counts as a direct heal. This skill can literally save your life in some situations. Use this when you fall to low health and you should regain a huge chunk of health. Now, because of what I just talked about above with Dulling Blow and Crippling Sweep, this leaves you with only Mutilate to cast for the heal assuming you took neither. I personally do not have a problem with this, because I do not use Mutilate very often, even in extended battles. The Vampiric Strike buff lasts for 30 seconds, so you have plenty of time to build up stacks of Second Wind. Note that Vampiric Strike shares the Global Cooldown. Sometimes casting Vampiric Strike prompts a chain combo which allows you to immediately cast Mutilate, Crippling Sweep or Dulling Blow. Vampiric Strike’s passive, Thirst for Blood, has a 33/66/100% chance to grant the Thirst for Blood debuff, which restores 1/2/3% of the caster’s max HP every 3 seconds, for 15 seconds. This heal is increased by Inner Focus, but is not counted as a direct heal. Next we have Cheat Death and Sweeping Strike. Cheat Death can be used on anyone other than yourself. If the target dies from a direct attack during this time, they are resurrected with 1% if their total HP and receive a debuff that prevents them from receiving the Cheat Death buff for 30 minutes. This debuff cannot be removed. Cheat Death’s passive reduces the target's threat and increases the amount of HP they are revived with by a large amount. This is another skill/combo that I don’t feel is worth the investment. The skill alone is just silly; you need to be very quick to cast this correctly, which if your target happens to be squishy you may not be fast enough to save them with it. Even if you are, the target may end up dying anyway. The cooldown for Cheat Death is also very high. The passive is the only thing that makes the skill even remotely worth taking, however there are far better skills and passives to invest in. Sweeping Strike knocks down your target for 4 seconds. This does not work on boss mobs. Its passive, Marred, has a 33/66/100% chance to debuff the target for 12 seconds, reducing the amount of healing received by 50%. The passive debuff will always be applied to the target of Sweeping Strike (unless the attack missed) regardless if the knockdown applied or not.In PvE, I’ve only found a few situations in which this is actually useful, like Kelkarox for example, but often times it is simply easier to stop any potential healing by disabling the healers through knockups, silences, ect. The passive feels like more of a PvP thing. Finally we have Warding Circle and Sword of Eternity. Warding Circle is an AoE ability that reduces damage taken by 20% for everyone standing in Warding Circle’s Radius. This skill lasts for 15 seconds. This is a great skill to use when surrounded by a lot of mobs and helps out any other melees standing close to you. This only gets better with the passive, Rejuvenating Ward, as it also heals HP and MP those inside the radius by a small amount of their base values. Sword of Eternity is an AoE damage skill that deals damage every 3 seconds, for 15 seconds, to all enemies within the targeted area Its passive, Languish, reduces the cooldown of Sword of Eternity and adds a 33/66/100% chance to reduce all affected enemies’ defense by x% per tick, which can be stacked 5 times. Both of these and their passives are useful in different situations, but you can only fully invest in one of the two passives. One thing that may be viable would be to invest one point into Rejuvenating Ward, as 3% is actually a decent amount, and invest the remaining points into Languish. This way, you get a reduced cooldown on Sword of Eternity, a 66% chance for a debuff, and some AoE HP/MP restore along with AoE damage reduction. Ultimately, it comes down to what you want to do. If you want more DPS, go with 3 points in Languish. If you want more sustain, go with 3 points into Rejuvenating Ward. Brief Anima Guide Whatever you want to do with your anima is ultimately up to you, but what I found is most effective for me is the build that follows: With this disposition your anima will automatically cast Anima’s Grace while in combat, allowing you to self-cast Expose, Dazzle, and Tainted Heart whenever you like. The reason I don’t like going for the full healer tree is because from experience, it can be annoying when what you want is Anima’s Grace, but your Anima casts Anima’s Breath or Anima’s Will instead. Anima’s Grace heals for a large amount over time and is therefore more efficient to take. For your Anima’s Spheres, again, take what you will; my personal favorite are Cast Speed spheres. With enough of them your Anima’s skills become almost instantly casted, which can save you some time and maximize their output. That about does it for this guide. If there’s anything you felt I skipped or have any further questions or would like to give some experience of your own, let me know and I’ll be sure to look at it. Next I’ll be doing a similar guide on the very buggy, but still playable Cursed Vanguard.
  9. At one point, you could farm star coin purses (1 coin type) from mobs. Depending on how much and how successful you were at farming, you could easily get a good amount of them. Then I think they moved to a random hourly draw, I can't quite remember. We currently don't have a way for people to use the Lotto system, and you could get nice items from it before. As long as donation doesn't give out a huge amount at one time, but still allow them to be obtainable in a reasonable way, I don't see too much wrong with it.
  10. Thank you for adding something for newer players! Very informative! In addition to Operation and Story Quests, sometimes you'll find that what they ask for can overlap, i.e. an Op asks you to kill X Mob and the story quest asks you to do the same. When you enter an area for the first time, check the NPCs located in that area and see what they want you to do. You can multitask in this way and save more time and get exp while you do it. This gets harder to do once you reach higher levels because the amount of Operations you get nearly exceed the amount of quests you can take. Another thing I found useful was using a Gigas while doing my Operations. Using a Gigas in most cases prevents you from losing the "More" quest. While you obviously cannot use this for every single quest, you can do this in areas with dangerous mobs (aggressive magic mobs for example), or if you pulled too many. You cannot accept quests in Gigas form, so you need to cancel the summon after all the mobs around you are dead. Summoning a Gigas will also attract a lot of mobs toward your Anima, so it can also be used to pull passive type mobs (for the lazy). There are a few rare cases in which this does not apply. Admittedly some Story Quests are not worth the time and effort, but its worth it to read through what you need to do because some of them are easier than others and, in the end, exp you don't get it is still exp you don't get, right?
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  12. I had a lovely post written out on the previous forum; out of all the good posts I wrote, that one wasn't saved, haha. Here we go with my two cents; I'm not the best tank, but I do love doing it. Overview/How the heck do you even tank Your number one job as a tank is to keep aggro of whatever mobs you're fighting. It is YOUR responsibility to go in first before anyone else and pull. It is your responsibility to watch your team and peel any mobs that aggro on your DPS's. As with any class, you need to know your limits when tanking, and you need to know what your skills do. Never pull too many mobs, and never get too far away from your team. You might be a tank but you're nothing without them. All this might sounds scary and hard, but unless you stand there and literally do nothing, tanking is a piece of cake. Gladiator Some of this I planned to touch on when my Galdiator guide is finished, buuuut might as well post my thoughts on them at least. Gladiators are a step ahead in difficulty compared to Sentinels. With this class you have resource management via Second Wind and the skills that need SW to activate them. Gladiators also tend to have longer/more complex skill chains, and are slightly less tanky in terms of stats compared to Sentinels. Gladiators have a lot of utility-like spells and focus more on avoidance and sustain than straightup taking damage. They still take quite a bit of damage however, haha. Virtuoso is the success rate buff for Male Ayins; choosing the Side Step path (which I recommend) is the first in the line of avoidance skills. It increases your evasion by 90%, so using this while tanking a lot of mobs is probably going to save your skin and keep your healer's blood pressure in check. Virtuoso has a relatively low cooldown, but I recommend you use this when you have a group of mobs on you, rather than just fighting one boss. This way you can maximize its potential. Of course if you need the extra evasion for a boss fight, then there's nothing wrong with using it. Gladiators have tons of really good spells and passives to pick up once they change their class. A lot of them depend on the player's preference and what they intend to do. A few that are noteworthy of this (especially early on) include Ferocious Strike and Challenging Stare's passives, Lust for Battle and Dauntless Challenger, respectively. Some people prefer to have the extra stack of Second Wind from Ferocious Strike, and others may find they can hit max stacks with Slapdash and Constant Reminder easily enough. The same goes for Dauntless; using Challenging Stare with this passive grants a 30% increase to your evasion, which further iterates on the idea of avoidance. Blade Barrier and Magai Barrier are two of my favorite spells. Blade Barrier grants you 3 stacks of Blade Barrier, which reduces the amount of damage you take from direct attacks by 5% for every stack you have. Getting the passive is a must because it is a huge upgrade to the spell. Blade Barrier then grants you a maximum of 6 stacks, and reflects damage back to the attacker. The cooldown is also fairly low, so it can (and should) be used often. Magai Barrier grants you 5 stacks of Magai Barrier, which completely negates the next 5 direct magai attacks. This is a fantastic tool to use against magic-type bosses and mobs because it allows you to soak up a ton of damage. A few notable mentions include, of course, Worldbreaker and its passive, Vampiric Strike, and Warding Circle and its passive. Post 50 Life post 50 is similar to how it has always been. There is no set tree to follow, so you can choose what spells and passives you want so long as you have enough points invested to do so. I suppose it is worth noting that the right side seems to be slightly more oriented towards PVP, as it includes more debuffs than the opposite side, which is more utility. Again, you may find yourself not wanting to invest in some things, so you can go back and place these points into earlier parts of your skill tree if desired. Builds Builds on tanks vary depending on what you think you need. Most commonly you see gear that is STR and STA or STR with a mix of STA and SEN. I personally try to go for STR/STA because I like having the extra HP and damage to maintain aggro. As for trinkets you may want to go with Sense, or you can keep a set of STR and a set of SEN or STA like I do. Spheres, again, depend on what you want. For your weapon I'd recommend Accuracy (or Crit Point, if you really prefer that). If you want to go High-end with infinities on your armor, just put in whatever stats you feel are lacking. You could also go with Evasion or Magai Res Spheres if you can't or don't want to use infinites. For reference, 43 Sense gives you ~22 Magai defense, Evasion and accuracy. A Magai Reflection Sun Gem gives +66 magai res (these are hard to obtain, as you can only get these types of spheres from bosses, in trinkets), and a Sun Gem of the Ghost gives +33 Evasion. And a final word of advice; try to keep your gear as relevant to your level as possible. You need the stats to tank proficiently; don't go into a lvl 60+ dungeon wearing lvl 40 gear, you will die far too quickly for that. Also try to at least upgrade your trinkets to +5 or higher. The magai resist may not seem like much, but those are important too.
  13. There's two entries of that in the Prius registries; if you know what you're doing you can change them. I'll play with them later and if I figure something out I'll post something about it. Edit: considering R and F are two of the only keys on the keyboard that aren't bound, and because Prius doesn't seem to recognize additional mouse buttons..this might be difficult x_x
  14. Moved topic to the appropriate sub-forum. Please post in the correct one next time. If you are referring to the skill chains, picking and choosing what skill leads to the next in the chain is: 1: Boring and redundant 2: exploitative 3: takes away a learning element for that class