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W.I.P. - A Guide: Picking the right class for you

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The thing I love the most about Prius is the diversity among classes. There are 14 classes to choose from. While some classes are similar in terms of their role in a group, there are significant differences between them. Pinpointing these differences will hopefully allow a player to be able to pick the right type of for example tanking or healing for them.


A Community Effort: Creating the ultimate Class Guide

I would like for the community to discuss the differences between the classes within their own category, so we can make the list below as detailled and informative as possible. Once we've collected enough information for all classes, this guide we've all created together will hopefully help people who are in doubt (such as myself >.<) in picking a fun (second) class.


Because the classes are so many, I feel one topic will probably not be enough. Therefore I have created a topic for each of the 6 categories. To contribute to the guide, click the name of the category the class(es) you'd like to discuss belong(s) to, to be redirected to the right topic.


Important !!! While discussion is welcome and necessary in this topic, please keep it civil. If you are passionate about your class that's great and we'd love to know why, but try not to place your favourite class above any other in the category. We want to know the differences, not which one is superior.


Thanks in advance! smile.png


The 14 classes can be divided among the following categories: Click the relevant Class Category Discussion topic to the class(es) you'd like to discuss in the Class Index.



  • Sentinel (Lon Mas)

  • Gladiator (Ayin Male)

  • Cursed Vanguard (Ayin Female)


  • Shaman (Lon Femina)

  • Orchestrator (Beriah)


  • Mastermind (Hume Male)

  • Duelist (Hume Female)

Ranged DPS

  • Amazon (Lon Femina)

  • Sharpshooter (Hume Female)

Magic DPS

  • Archimage (Hume Male)

  • Siren (Beriah)

Melee DPS

  • Juggernaut (Lon Mas)

  • Astral Knight (Ayin Male)

  • Doom Knight (Ayin Female)

Credits: Liviya

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About CV skills, well, some r bugged at all, others just need the exact description xP

there is something I can say about tanks, imo: (xD)


- Gladiator (Ayin Male): This tank, based on Str/Sense + Evasion/sense spheres could reach almost 1.4k evasion with the correct unique accesories/spheres and, besides that,  1 skill they got could let them to have almost 2k evasion, for some seconds (Yeah, so this is a Evasion tank, with around 1.7k Hp - 1.9k Hp, depending on ur gear/spheres/etc.)


- Sentinel (Lon Mas): This tank, based on Sta/Str + Hp spheres (maybe just and full STA, not sure about it xD) got tons of Hp, and defense. Imo the best one to get aggro, (yeah, is so hard to steal them aggro on bosses/mobs Y-Y) Those tanks r based on Hp for some skills wich let them hit more when they got high hp. Almost to get % Str from their total HP 

Imo, a hard wall xD


- Cursed Vanguard (Ayin Female): This tank, the same as Gladiator, could be a Str/Sense + Evasion/Sense Spheres User, but they dont have the skill wich let them double the evasion they got normally. Instead that, CVs got ways to autoheal, not only that, they also got 1 skill that can stun Bosses (the only class I saw wich can do that) The bad news here is, there are some skills bugged or with wrong description here.

But at least, is perfectly useable as a tank; well, but to be honest, is hard to get aggro, some main aggro skills are bugged u.U but if you find the correct skill rotation it would be so enough to tank bosses at dungeons or mobs. (I got a CV as a main char biggrin.png) We hope someday Prius could fix those skills :3


Thats all what I know about Tanks here smile.png

Hope it could help you guys to choose the best suitable for you smile.png

Best Whishes

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As, probably one of hard core player of Prius Anima, i think that all classes are equally good and well balanced for any type of play. Here i will post recommendation about classes and i hope it will help you choose the right class. Choice of right class also depend on how much you are familiar with game and similar game play. Difficulty is posted first as easiest for play to last as hardest for play.

Ranged DPS

If you are totally new to world of RPG game such as Prius Anima you should pick ranged DPS class, best for start are Sharpshooter and Amazon. They are easy for playing and as ranged class you will have chance to watch from distance. That way you will be able to easier pay attention on where your game mates go and what they do to pass dungeon. It is easy to build their armor and most of skills are for doing damage so you do not need much to work on them. Also to make it more interesting, even if both Sharpshooter and Amazon are ranged DPS, playing with each of them is different. Amazon use Bow as weapon and their skills have poison de-buffs (to make your enemy die slowly and painfully) and they have AOE skills which allow them to shoot many enemies at same time. On other side, Sharpshooter use Rifle and they have skills which are stronger in sitting position and mostly concentrated on single enemy. Sharpshooter is like hitman, waiting for his target to take him down.

Magia DPS

If you are kind of player who just like to kill everything fast then magia DPS is class for you. As you may already know magia DPS classes are Siren and Archimage. Both sides are easy to build up and to play. They also have awesome AOE skills that can kill many enemies. This class is famous for being best and fun character for farming, they are also known for being so squishy that they die easily. So this classes need constant attention and speed. One mistake and you are dead. Difference between this two classes are their elements, Archimage can chose between water and fire skills, while Sirens have only wind (also sirens can have some healing but that's story for another post :P ) 


Guessing that you already skip two back post about dps classes and you are skillful gamer ready to charge into fight and blood (blood effect is not included in this game, dunno why / must be cuz you drag little girl with you O.o) then tank class is for you! There are 3 types of tanks in this game and they are all fun on their own bloody way. Tanks in game are Gladiator, Sentinel and Cursed Vanguard. Gladiator are most popular one and maybe most easier tank to build. Gladiator carry Giant Sword as weapon and they are ready to slash everything in their way. This class is great choice for those who like to just rush in danger to slaughter everything. Sentinels reminds of true tank, heavy and slow. but watch out for their blow (dat rhymes). They carry big Axe for weapon and shield for protection (read decoration). They are also know by using their head..... to charge at enemy. Cursed Vanguard is underestimated class because of skills that are not functioning (but it will be fixed soon). Cursed Vanguard use Tonfa as weapon. This class is true harmony to play. Knowing mostly for ability to balance MP and HP, and also balance of her stacks (cuz most of cv skill wont work if you don't have them) it does great damage and i can say for sure, if all skills were working, this would be best choice for tank.


Here is class for those who actually more like to aid others, rather to jump in fight. Yes i'm talking about support class, also called hybrid. If you like to be very helpful in party but also independent single player then Mastermind and Duelist is class your choice. These are multitasking classes, they can lure, heal, buff, kill, make your life pain or joy. They are underestimated class in game because they do not do good damage, so some players avoid to have them in party.... which is complete (censored). They are like mix of all other characters and that's what make them fun to play, but they CAN NOT replace other classes. Hybrid is must in party as back up when other class fail. As for the difference between them if you want fast play, Duelist have Pistols for weapon, which make him ranged hybrid and it's THE FASTEST character in game, both in multi and single kill. Mastermind are slower but nothing less better then Duelist. Mastermind use Staff for weapon, which make them magia hybrid.They have many different kind of robots to do job for him and only crazy person won't like to control robots.

Melee DPS

Have you ever wanted to be so strong that sometimes forget how weak you can be ? That is how melee DPS is. They are the strongest class in game. They are sometimes so focused on dealing mighty blows that they forget to build up their defense and poof they are dead. Jokes on side, this class is similar to tank and with good armor they can fight even field boss on same level as them. Melee DPS classes are Astral Knight, Juggernaut and Doom Knight. They are strong and fast characters with mighty blade swings. They can be really strong that they can slice and dice you in second. Astral Knight is most popular because he carry two Swords for his weapon. Speed and beauty is strong in this class. Juggernaut remind of big cat (which actually is) who will pounce at you with big claws and shred you into tiny pieces. Juggernaut weapon is Knuckles. Juggernaut is not fast as Astral Knight, but you certainly don't want them to hug you. Doom Knight is possibly most challenging class to play. They have buff that make them lose HP and skills that recover it so you constantly need to pay attention to your HP and enemy's attack. This class is recommended for most experienced players and for those who like to challenge everything. Perfect if you are lone wolf and would like to conquer world. (wanted to make separate post for Doom Knight, but i'm lazy)


Every person will say that his/her job is hardest one. Well obviously they never played as Healer. So yes, here we will present you the most ungrateful and difficult from all classes - the Healer. Healer is most wanted for party and also hard to find but its even harder to play as one. If you ever wanted to have others lives in your hand then you can chose Shaman or Orchestator. Healer is like a mother with many kids. You try to watch over all of your children at same time while they run all over place trying to play with dangerous stuffs. Only difference is, when they get hurt, players will be angry at you. So if you want true challenge and big responsibility this is class for you. Difference between Orchestator and Shaman is, Shaman class have skill tree separated into DPS and heal skills and can use ONLY ONE side at the time, while Orchestator can mix them. As for the matter of healing Orchestator is probably best for starter healers since it have better healing at lower level, when Shaman need to build it on higher level. Also Orchestator like to heal all at once while Shaman have overtime healing. Shaman use big Dagger as weapon and Orchestator use Lute. Anyhow, even with big responsibility in game, we will always need them, so even if this post scared you, do not worry, players will always love you no matter how many times they die XD


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